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Outline Australia's Involvement In The Korean War

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A Capitalist society and a Communist society are two very different ways to govern a country. The first allows citizens and members of the public to own their own property, earn their own income, start their own private business, etc. Whilst the latter is the complete opposite of the first, the government owns everything and distributes payment, housing, food, etc, to all members of the community. In theory a communist society is an egalitarian society, where everyone receives the same food rations, lives in similar housing, earns the same income, etc. In reality, the communist project was a complete failure, since the people had no incentive to work knowing that they would receive the same payment anyway, products became scarce and shoddily made. The government became thirsty for power and didn't allow a change of government, in short democracy and freedom were overruled by this new regime. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" George Orwell.Not long after the end of World War Two, Korea was divided into two zones of occupation at the 38th Parallel. The southern zone was controlled by the American forces; the northern zone was controlled by the Soviet Union. The UN decided to establish two separate nations - the Republic of South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, since the Soviet Union would not agree to rejoin Korea.When North Korean forces invaded South Korea, on the 25 June 1950, the Korean war officially began. The United Nations decided to send a force to defend South Korea, composed of contingents from 15 nations including Australia, Britain, United States, Greece, Colombia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Canada, Turkey, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and Luxembourg, and medical units from Denmark, India, Italy, Norway and Sweden.Australia became involved in the Korean war because many Australians felt that Australia's safety was not secure from the communist opposition if it was not stopped in Korea. Australia was in danger because of its small army. The Australian Government's decision to enter the Korean war was fully supported by the major Opposition party, the Labor Party."We, as you know, in Australia are not rich in manpower. We feel that our people when they go to war are first class fighters.But in my talks with your leaders here it has been completely agreed that the time...

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