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Outline For Dalton And His Work In Chem(Outline Only).

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Life*Born a Quaker, in September 6th, 1766 Eaglesfield, England*Began teaching at the age of twelve*Was a teacher/chemist/physicist*Died in Manchester England July 27, 1844Achievements*President of Philosophical Society*Winner of Gold Medal from the Royal Society*Cofounder of the British association for the advancement of science*Dalton's Atomic Theory, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures*Dalton's law of partial pressure is defined as the total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of the component gasesDalton's Atomic Theory*Matter consists of definite particles called atoms.*Atoms are indestructible. In chemical reactions, the atoms rearrange but they do not themselves break apart.*The atoms of one particular element are all identical in mass and other properties.*The atoms of one particular element are all identical in mass and other properties.*When atoms of different elements combine to form compounds, new and more complex particles form. However, in a given compound the constituent atoms are always present in the same fixed numerical ratio.*This theory is not perfectly correct. Atoms can be broken into smaller pieces and most elements occur as mixtures of two or more isotopesDalton's Atomic TheorySimplified*Dalton's Atomic Theory says that different elements are made up of different atoms with different weights. By combing those elements, you can get compounds. And if you want to know which elements make up a compound, you can find it out by looking at the compound's molecular weight. Finally, when a chemical reaction occurs, the atoms themselves aren't altered in any way. Instead, they are just rearranged into different molecules.Breakdown of Dalton's Atomic Theory*Matter consists of definite particles called atoms*The existence of atoms was suggested at least 2000 years before Dalton's birth in the ancient Greece times, also Newton used arguments based on atoms to explain his gas laws*Atoms are indestructible. In chemical reactions, the atoms rearrange but they do not themselves break apart*Atoms can not be created or destroyed or broken into smaller pieces, or transformed into a different element*With the discovery of subatomic particles, this was proven incorrectBreakdown of Atomic Theory3. The atoms of one particular element are all identical in mass and other properties.*Atoms of the same element have the same weight. Atoms of different elements have different weights*With the discovery of isotopes this was slightly changed*The atoms of one particular element are all identical in mass and other...

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