Outline For Speech On The Effects Of Solitary Confinement.

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Title: Effects of Solitary ConfinementSpecific Purpose: My audience will understand more about how loneliness and isolation affect people, especially those people in solitary confinement.Thesis Statement: Being in Solitary confinement has a major mental, emotional, and social impact on people.Introduction:Gaining and maintaining favorable attention: Alone. In a cell. For days. Or decades. Today more then 80,000 Americans are in solitary confinement (National Geographic). Cut off from human contact. Subject to what might be the most extreme prison environment ever designed. Some say it's the only way to handle the worst prisoners. Other's say it amounts to psychological torture worse then any physical abuse.Relating the topic to the audience: Ever been completely alone? Not even strangers around. These people are Absolutely Alone. Often for years at a time. Imagine going 2..5.. maybe 13 years without being outside.. Seeing any sunlight. Feeling the wind. Or seeing the sky. "Man wasn't made for this. We're physical creatures" . "It's like you're stranded like in cast-away. You start talking to a volleyball. That's like how you start to feel if you're in there too long."Relating the topic to the presenter: I have studied psychology and loneliness, researched solitary confinement. I have worked with inmates before, and also have many friends in the criminal justice program I have talked to.Previewing the message: Being in solitary confinement can have devastated effects on people. Today I will talk about some of those effects and examine how solitary confinement works and how well it actually accomplishes what it is designed to do.-Transition- Let's start by examining what exactly the condition are like in Solitary confinement.Body:I. First main point: To understand how it might be traumatizing, we have to understand the environment they are trapped in.A. With only 15-minute computer controlled shower and 1 hour of exercise alone. They spend 23 hours a day alone in 8x10 cell. Every detail is carefully designed to minimize social interaction. Meals are brought to in-mates through slots in their cell doors. Average stay is 2 years.B. "Loneliness is very much like pain. It has evolved over time to change our behavior so that we connect with others, which is necessary for our survival." - (John Cacioppo, Social Neuroscientist from University of Chicago). The brain processes loneliness in the same area as physical pain. Being cut off from others can hurt so much that people will go to extremes in order to connect. Some inmates will try and talk to anyone who might be listening through a crack in a wall, or a vent. Or they will hide notes inside of books and hope another inmate finds it. Of course no communicating is allowed between inmates, so if they get caught it can add even more time to their sentence.Transition: Now that we can clearly see these people are locked in a very alone place, and become very lonely, Let's look at some more of the...

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