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Outline Of The Social Justice/Political Issue Of Homelessness In Australia (With References)

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Australia is undergoing a crisis in social justice and political issue of homelessness that is consistently worsening. Results from the 2011 Australian Census states that within a five year period the rate of homelessness shall increase by 8% from 89728 to 105237. Within our modern society the results of the 2011 census has appeared to be the reality of the ongoing immense issue of homelessness within Australia.

Homelessness is often the result of several complex issues, encountered by individuals and families. including financial crisis, domestic and family violence, long term unemployment, intergenerational poverty and economic and social exclusion. Subsequently, alternatives include living in severely crowded dwellings, supported accommodation, boarding houses, improvised tents, dwellings and sleeping out and living temporarily in other households.

The Australian Government has consistently funded millions of dollars towards supportive accommodation, however, due to the increasing numbers of homeless families and individuals, supportive accommodation has become overcrowded. As a result, the Australian Government have made the decision to turn away those desperately homeless. In addition, the underlying concerns of homelessness in Australia is recurrently mentioned in various viewpoints; when are those homeless going to be permanently housed, as they can not live in supportive accommodation permanently? What happens to those homeless being turned away from assistance of supportive accommodation?

Discussion of key/viewpoints of the immense issue of homelessness within Australia

The political and social justice of issue of homelessness within Australia have several different perspectives and viewpoints conveyed by either interest groups or political parties involved to overcome homelessness in Australia.  

Pauline Woodbridge, Chair Of Peak Body Homelessness argues that a cease of funding towards the homeless advocacy services has arised in the point in time where the issue of homelessness is at its breaking point. Woodbridge states herself and the organisation are deeply concerned for the alarming figures of individuals and families homeless especially innocent women and children. The organisation of Peak Body Homelessness and chairman Pauline Woodbridge keypoint amongst several concerns is how to operate the organisation at its best and most effective to prevent and overcome homelessness if funding cuts occur.

Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS), acting chief executive Cassandra Goldie maintains the viewpoint of homelessness as crisis with no national strategy to overcome the problem. Goldie concludes as her keypoint to overcome the issue a new strategic effective plan is needed to be assessed and taken into action urgently in Australia.

The Australian Greens Party strongly believe that “Homelessness has no place within Australia”(.....). The Australian Greens Party accepts and agrees that Homelessness is a...

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