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Outline The Factors Motivating International Terrorist Group And Do You Think Any One Of These Is More Significant Than The Others?

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Terrorism can be seen as a political term which derived from state terror, it involves a behaviour of violence and audience, creation of fear, innocent sufferers and attempt the political purposes (Combs 1997: 7, 8). An International terrorist group should be included at least one of the following, they are: cooperate with other terrorist group in other country, the act of group should be performed abroad and at least one foreign government should be involved to negotiate with the group when it has some demands (O’ Kane 2007: 165, 166). The motivations of international terrorist groups and the major motivation of them will be discussed in the following.

In terms of culture, violence is an efficient way to preserve its custom and against the cultural storm of Western, such as democracy and materialism as the identity of the citizens may be affected by the Western culture (Kiras 2014: 361). Besides, as the Western states define themselves as liberty and justice through media while they define the terrorist groups as negative connotation, tyranny and irrationality (Gunning et al. 2011: 67). To prevent Western states make use of media to propagate its value and the malignant culture of terrorist groups to global continuously, terrorist would like to use physical force, violence to against these states as people are affected by the western culture prevalently even they just sojourn at home (Andersen and Taylor 2006: 260).
For example, Al-Qaeda’s aim is to over throw regimes which is “non-Islamic”, chase away the Westerners from the Islamic area and the Western culture as the influence of politics and culture are highly affected by the Western states (Carpenter and Wiencek 2005: 12). Thus, Al-Qaeda’s aim has shown one of the motivations is to against the Western culture.

In terms of economy, there are still many people in the world are poor even globalization provides more job opportunities to them. Although globalization cause more trading and multinationals to appear, so there are more job opportunities are provided (Kiras 2014: 362). There are many workers are poor as workers are employed by the companies to work in – sweatshops, by squeezing their workers that giving a low wage and giving a vile working condition in order to earn much more interests (Pollin 2006: 111). As the inequality appears in global economy, people cannot be part of it and hold asset, they would like to destroy the global economy that cause everyone is living in poverty (Kiras 2014: 362; Soto 1989: xix).
For instance, there are some terrorist groups in North Caucasus and the Africans try to kidnap the people in order to get a wealthy ransom to spend in daily life and attempt to have more assets to complete their goal as they are poor (喻义东and夏勇 2013).

In terms of religion, religious is the most important relief for some terrorist groups as it affects their behaviors and values, if there are people would like to accuse and attempt to alter it, terrorist groups would like to...

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