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Outline The Factors Which Shape Children’s Experience Of Childhood And Discuss Two Factors In Detail.

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1.0 Introduction

Individuals when questioned on the period of life that they wish to go back; the answer would definitely be their childhood. Intelligent Life magazine mentioned that this is because childhood is the best time of a person’s life (2011). A child has very few responsibilities and commitment compared to an adult. Children in the childhood period do not even have to think or worry about paying utility bills, doing house chores or earning for the family. Children can enjoy carrying out their favorite activities during free time. The writer recollects her childhood experience as the most memorable duration in her 23 years of life. However, not every child would experience ...view middle of the document...

From these four dimensions, Diana Baumrind Theory identified four different parenting styles that we can clearly see and that would shape each child with a different experience of childhood.
1. Authoritarian Parenting (Prokerala, 2014): A style that is dependent upon strict principles made by parents whom children ought to comply. Parents do not give reasons behind the implementation of these principles. The parents have high expectations, but tend to at time overlook their responsibilities as parents towards their child.
A child with the childhood experience of authoritarian parenting will grow up being an adult, who has the perception that questioning is wrong and would obey the instruction given by others without realising the purpose behind the assigned task. Children from this parenting style would never develop the skills of standing up for themselves and will always end up being bullied in their working life.
2. Authoritative Parenting (McGolerick, 2011): A style that is alike the authoritarian parenting style, however differs in a way that it is more democratic as they are more responsive and keen on listening to their children. Parents tend to be more fostering and pardoning. They are firm but not intrusive. Their idea is on bringing up children that are more socially independent. Children with authoritative parenting experience throughout their childhood tend to be good listeners as their parents were willing to listen to them in their childhood. These children are more successful and adapt easily to new surroundings.
3. Permissive Parenting (Rosenthal, 2009): Parents are very tolerant and have very few expectations from their children. They rarely scold their kids because they have very low demands of maturity and self management. They are very fostering and open as they play a role as a friend rather than parents.
Children with the childhood experience of permissive parenting will develop into being ‘involved in problem behaviour and perform less well in school, though they have higher self-esteem, better social skills, and lower levels of depression than Authoritarian children’ (Rosenthal, 2009).
4. Uninvolved Parenting (Schnell, 2014): Parents are more prone to abandon their children. Parents of this parenting style have little expectation from their children, absent communication and responsiveness due to the reason of being detached from their children. However, basic needs of children are supplied.
Children’s experience of uninvolved...

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