Outline The Strategic And Political Reasons For Bombing Pearl Harbour

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There is various reasons for the bombing of Pearl Harbour by Japanese forces. The Japanese had had a trade embargo placed upon them after their continual aggression in the China and south-east Asian region in their race for more land and resources. They felt that this left them with two options either continue South in the hope of securing more land and risk war with America or accept the US demands of retreat. Japan decided to attack the U.S. first in the hopes of prolonging their ability to be able to fight in the war and thus decided to destroy Pearl harbour the major U.S. naval base in the pacific. The Japanese had both political and strategic reasons those political reasons included reaffirming pride in the Japanese navy and the showcasing of the ‘weak’ western society. Strategically Japan hoped that by attacking Pearl Harbour they would be able to prolong American entry into the war and establish a strong hold in the pacific islands.The ultimate aim of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941 was to delay U.S. entry into the war for two years by destroying their naval force in the pacific. During this attack on Pearl harbour Japan aimed to destroy their oil reserves, destroy their aircraft carriers, their submarines and destroyer ships. Japan’s estimate that they only had enough war resources for a war of two years if the supply blockade was not dropped meant that they hoped to conquer islands in the pacific, including the Dutch East Indies, which had vast oil supplies which the Japanese needed to support their war time efforts. This could only be achieved however by destroying the American naval base in this area and forcing the Americans back to the west coast. By keeping the Americans out of the war for two years the Japanese planned of having control of a vast area of the pacific and once the Americans were able to enter the war...

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