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Outlined Format Of U.S. Government

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President's Roles

o The president has many roles in the US such as chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, and chief citizen.

o In the US the president represents the nation as a whole and both reigns and rules. In other countries such as England the chief of state only reigns.

o He is also the chief administrator, which mean he is head of the countries governmental machine. He is head of an administration whose expenses total 2.7 trillion dollars a year.

o Being chief diplomat gives him the power to represent the country in foreign affairs.

o According to the constitution the president is also the commander in chief of the armed forces.

o The president also has the important role of being the chief of party meaning he is head of the majority party in the executive branch.

o The president is also automatically appointed the chief citizen meaning he is responsible for representing the interests of the people.

o All these roles are given to the man who heads our country and it is his duty to perform them simultaneously.

Formal Qualifications

o To become President of the US you must be a "natural born citizen" and be at least 35 years of age. John F Kennedy was the youngest elected US president at age 43 and Ronald Reagen was the oldest at 69.

o Most US presidents are around 50 years old when they are elected.

o Another qualification is that you should have lived in the US for at least 14 years.

o Over 100 million people in America meet these simple qualifications.

President's Term

o Alexander Hamilton who was the writer of the infamous "The Federalist" articles stated that a four-year term was sufficient for a president to establish himself.

o In 1951 the constitution granted the right to run for president for more than two terms.

o Franklin Roosevelt did just that by being president for 4 terms.

o Although now the rule is that a person may only serve two full terms as President. For example President Clinton was president for two terms and was not allowed to run again.

o Many presidents have supported extending the four-year term to six years.

Pay and Benefits

o The President's salary is determined by the US congress and should stay the same throughout the president's term.

o George Washington's salary was $25,000 in 1789 and now it is $400,000 a year.

o The president is also given a hefty $50,000 expense account to use on whatever he feels is necessary for him.

o Now obviously that is not all. Our chief of state is also given a little mansion called the White House, a nice airplane, couple of helicopters, automobiles, a resort hideaway, the finest medical coverage available, and a large group of people to protect and pamper him.

Constitution and Succession

o The Presidential Succession is basically the order of people who will become president in case the person in front of them resides, dies, or is...

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