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Outreach Coordinator Essay

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Volunteerism and willingness to serve others are magnificent character traits to discover while growing up. If one is involved with such activities, they will be able to contribute to society as a whole and “leave a mark” on the world for the better. However, such activities would not be available without the assistance of an outreach coordinator. Such people prepare service projects for the community, non-profit organization, or church in hopes of spreading good will among those affected by these actions. They also must be available to offer support to individuals who walk in and require the outreach coordinator’s services. Jeanna-Mar Simmons, a family friend, generously allowed me to ...view middle of the document...

Jeanna-Mar obtained her bachelors and masters in social work while in college. She originally went to school for journalism, but was kicked out of the program because she was too biased. Her professor told her to try social work instead because she was so concerned with ethics. She worked with the elderly and was then hired away from her position to work with South Hills Interfaith Ministries where she worked with developing a new program for food distribution. Christ UMC contacted her and asked her to work for them, to which she happily obliged. She has learned that networking is extremely important because it allows her to make new connections with organizations she could partner with or work at in the future.
Flexibility, availability, and faith are important personal characteristics that Jeanna-Mar says are pertinent to her job. She must always be available to people who need her assistance which requires flexibility of hours and mindset. However, she cautioned me that she must always recognize her boundaries because some people may try to cross the line and create an uncomfortable situation that she cannot handle. Even when colleagues or other individuals irritate her, Jeanna-Mar must always maintain her composure and be hospitable to such people. Her job heavily relies on teamwork because she is constantly working with the program team to develop new projects or going on mission trips to assist the helpless. While Jeanna-Mar must have faith to work in the church as the outreach coordinator, not all of the people in this profession must believe. It is important to her that she is able to combine her two passions into one while having fun with her work. This is what Jeanna-Mar loves the most about her work. She is able to build the bridge and mend the gap between two completely separate ideas and work environments. She also loves being able to encourage and connect with others on a deeper lever because of the work she has. On the other hand, the long and sometimes unexpected hours are taxing and do not allow her to find personal time with herself, God, or her husband. She is thankful that...

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