Outside Reading Assignment

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Outside Reading Assignment

After studying in this course over several topics throughout United States History from Ancient America to 1877 the destruction of the Mexica Empire interested me the most. After Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic ocean, falling short of his desired destination landed on the island of Espanola, (present day Dominican Republic and Haiti). Thus this begins several voyages from Spain to the America’s in order to seek gold, glory and honor for themselves and their county. Before the start of the history of the United States, it started off as a conquest of lands and peoples.. CONTINUE HERE2
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He(who is he) asked them to carry him, and he would lead them to a land that their people could live and flourish. He lead the first nomadic peoples of the Mexica and told them of a place beyond hills, where they would find a lake, and in that lake there would be an island and on that island they will see an eagle standing on a cactus with a snake in it’s mouth. Only there would the people find glorious lands that would feed their people and start building many buildings to house large families. The nomadic people followed the little God’s instructions and there beyond the hills, in a lake was an island where standing upon a cactus was an eagle with a snake in its mouth. There was the land that the people settled on and started building their civilization and capital Tenochtitlán. As they were building their city, they also built a huge temple dedicated to the small god, called the Pyramid of the Sun, and to the south, the Pyramid of the Moon. In dedication to the small god the Mexica peoples used human sacrifice and carved out the hearts of their victims to rub the blood on a statue of the likeliness of Qoetzocotal, and on the day the pyramids were built over a thousand individuals were sacrificed and their bodies were rolled down the steps of the pyramid. The sacrifices that were used in tribute to qoetzocotal were the people of the nearby surrounding towns, thus starting the hatred between the Totonac Indians and the Mexica settling in Tenochitlan.
Upon the arrival of Hernan Cortez he was greeted not by the peoples of Mexica, but by the Tontac Indians that greeted them with food and gifts, the king of the Tontac Indians leader, the King Tenochilatan could not greet the Spanish because he was obese and could not move around freely. His runners sent word to the Aztecs that” pale-skinned warriors with beards, and their fearsome man beasts (calvary) arrived.” The Spanish helped the Tontonac Indians anialate the tribute collectors for the human sacrifices in the nearby city of Tizapancingo. The alliance between the Spainiards and the Totonac Indians was solidified by the overthrowing of the city, and the speed of the Spanish impressed them “It also made Cortés even more self-confident; for it suggested to him and to his captains that the Mexica, despite their fame, had no special military qualities, no secret weapons, and little discipline.”
The Totonac Indians lived in the shadow of the city of Tenochtitlán, and were forced to send thousands of children to the city as human sacrifices. The people of Tenochtitlán cut off the Tottonac indians to trade and commerce to other villages, and usual supplies and tools that other villages took for granted such as “cotton to make cloth, precious stones, feathers, and salt.” Leaving the villagers deprived of essential tools for their culture. Living in this matter made the Totonac Indians great warriors, because they refused oppressed by the Mexica. The Tontonac were always in a state of siege with the...

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