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The outside speaker that I saw took place on Monday November eleventh two thousand and thirteen, in the Saint Ignatius Science Center room one hundred and fifteen. The speaker of this presentation was Tom McDonnell elected CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Throughout McDonnell’s speech he talked about his experience attending Rockhurst University when it was an all boys school and his life after he graduated form Rockhurst and started his career. I thought that the speech was very well organized because I would assume that he made very good valid points, and when I say assume, I will elaborate on that more later on in my paper. It seemed that there was a clear introduction and body, but I was kind of surprised with the conclusion because he seemed to have just ended his speech. Or it might have been that his conclusion was so long that I just assumed to be part of the body.
I also think that McDonnell had good transitions, but there where times when his transitions where a little blurred in his speech so it was hard to tell when he was talking about a new point. I wouldn’t say that there were arguments that the speaker was trying to make because it seemed like he was trying to talk to us about how to have a good business. I would say that he wasn’t trying to persuade us to believe in something, but rather inform us, the audience. Overall his speech was convincing and I thought it was very reliable because he was speaking from experience.
Throughout the presentation, McDonnell’s speech seemed to be a narrative at the beginning when he was talking about all the things he did in life to lead him to where he is now, which is a CEO of the Kauffman Foundation. In my opinion McDonnell talking about what he did in his life, such as schooling and work experience, was very appropriate to mention because it made his speech more creditable. Throughout McDonnell’s speech he didn’t use a lot of “ums” or “likes” with showed me that he was confident in what he was...

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