Outsiders Creative Writing A Depressed Teenager Who Is Being Picked On By A Group Of People.

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The day resumed with platitudinous sentences being repeatedly mumbled to himself. "What am I doing here? What am I living for? Who cares for me...?" "Is that freak staring at me again? What is his problem?" Russell whispered to his pals. Even though David was off in his own little world on the other side of the room, he had overheard that rude comment. He wasn't looking at Russell; he was merely staring at a blank space that was in that direction. Avoiding any trouble, David turned towards the window and gazed mindlessly at the old maple tree. He tried reminiscing any events that made happy. No memories could be recollected. Bell rang, interrupting his thoughts. David let out a heavy sigh and sluggishly gathered his books. A hard shove on his right shoulder stopped him in his tracks. Russell and his pals, Mark and Anthony were standing behind him giving evil stares that had intensions to kill. "Why were you staring at me again freak?" Jake demanded, advancing slowly towards him. "You were probably chanting some hellish curse on me eh?!" "I'm not that kind of person. Besides, I wasn't staring at you I was looking out the window. Could you just leave me alone? I need to go now..." David lied, trying to hide his fear. The classroom was empty, only echo of voices could be heard from the corridors. No one could help him and he knew no one would even if there were people here. "Whatever loser," Russell snorted, "This school doesn't need any freaks like you around." David ignored his comment; he was trying to get out before trouble arose. "Can you just leave me alone? I really have to go now..." "Sure, after you promise never to return to this school, I can't stand freaks like you wondering around school." Russell and his gang were blocking David's pathway. It was impossible for scrawny David to squeeze past those athletic built bodies. "What's the matter freak? Cat got your tongue?" Russell's gang chuckled softly at their leader's lame use of idiom.David's suppressed anger and rage could not be held back any longer and he exploded like a huge fire cannon ball. "Why can't you just leave me alone! You don't have to talk to me. You don't NEED to talk to me. You just live your life, and I'll live mine. I'm sick and tried of your stupid bullshit, going around saying nasty things everyday. You POPULAR boys with PERFECT families will never EVER understand people like me!! So will you just leave me ALONE!!!" Breathing heavily, David realised that he had made a huge mistake by yelling back at those guys. Russell, Mark and Anthony exchanged glances. No one had ever heard David...

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