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Outsourcing: A Utilitarian Approach To An Ethical Issue

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An ethical business problem arises in case of outsourcing. The decision making framework can be used to explore the dilemma and to develop a course of action in order to resolve this problem by using the utilitarian approach and ensuring that the maximum number people are helped or favored by the decision. Utilitarianism has had great popularity in American and Western culture mainly because it focuses on the welfare of the masses than the benefit of an individual. It looks at the benefit to the society in general. It is extremely popular mainly because it helps them be able to implement policies and norms which are beneficial to the greater masses. In this way, as it is extremely consistent with the ethical beliefs and principles as well as moral values of the western society, utilitarianism has had great popularity in American and Western culture. The people understand and accept the need for doing things that are beneficial not only to them but is also right for the society in general and can help them improve the society. If there is something wrong personally, interpersonally, or socially then it is mainly because of the lack of utilitarianism as well as lack of virtue as there is a loss of jobs due to outsourcing. The conflict, the situation, or the decision can be damaging to people or to the community if utilitarianism is not used.
The Decision making framework of professional and occupational ethics has been attained through analytical decision processes used in business. Although these are beneficial, they influence one to assume that moral decisions are already "out there" expecting to be uncovered. In another way, taking a design outlook to ethical decision procedure compels that ethical decisions must be produced, uncovered. This, in order, compels the value of ethical acuteness and moral inspiration.
A range of ethical dilemmas may be faced by many large companies especially, multinational ones. For instance, in the case of outsourcing, this ethical problem often comes in their way that, what is good for the business, employees as well as customers.
Outsourcing implies a way for companies related to reduction of costs and improvement of productivity, to ensure its economic growth, but its ethical dilemmas is it’s not fair to provide jobs to foreigners, especially, when a majority of local people are suffering from unemployment.
So, before taking further steps in the field of outsourcing, companies should not only think about themselves but also, about their local workers as well as country. Hence, opportunities should be divided in local people as well as foreigners in a justified manner, so that, a balance could be maintained in both sides.
As, it is not a healthy practice to behave partially with the persons, so, it's better for an organization that people should be equally treated and all should have their 'stake in outcome' as, it is a necessary part of informal training and should be compulsory for all, not only...

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