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Many who call companies such as Disney or travel agencies like Interval find problems with those who answer the telephone. Why is this? It is mainly due to the fact that the people who answer the telephone have very heavy accents. Most Americans do not expect this. Due to the fact that they are in America, they expect that an American will answer the phone. This is not the case. Running a corporation in America has become very expensive. Therefore, companies go where they can get cheap labor. In countries like India and China, it is very easy get people to work for pennies a day. So when people call certain companies, their call is going to a call center half way around the world. Many Americans get upset at this and they have all right to be. Outsourcing has disastrous effects on the economy. Something must be done. To solve the recent onslaught of economic problems caused by outsourcing, the United States government must lower the cost of running a corporation in this country.
Outsourcing has many problems. One major problem with outsourcing is the language barriers. People in different countries speak different languages, naturally, and have different ways of saying things. This could lead to big problems for the company. If the customer and the employee do not understand each other, it could lead to poor call handling qualities. The customer will have to constantly ask the employee to repeat what he or she is saying and could lead to frustration. Even if the employee speaks English, they have a very heavy accent. Also it is wise to consider the fact that English adopted by other countries is very different form the English that Americans speak. Just like British English is considerably different from American English, Chinese and Indian English will sound different from American English. Words and phrases are very different (PRLOG). The Chinese may have different word order than Americans do or may make up words that relate only to the Chinese culture. How will the customers understand? This will lead to misunderstandings and poor service. The employees will understand something different than what the customer want. Frequent mistakes with products and with money will be made. The company can find itself losing money because the products will have to be returned and customers will have to get their money back.
A second trivial issue about big companies out sourcing is that these third parties have little knowledge about the company it self. In many countries like China, the government controls what is watched on the television. Therefore, the people are not able to see all of the American commercials that air about the companies. Many times people would call trying to clarify what was being said or may want to order a product using a special price that the company offered through the special television commercial. If this is the case, some times the employee may not know what the customer is speaking about because company information...

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