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Outsourcing Great For Argument Essays!

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OutsourcingThere are a lot of smart people in technology and politics who don't really seem to understand the driving forces behind economic growth. When I was a kid and dedicated GUI interfaced computers were just entering the market, I recall a great wringing of hands over the job losses that would result from computers replacing typists, filers, mail clerks, and so forth. It was believed that computer automation and networks would also replace laborers in factories and other workplaces, and that this was a "bad thing". Sure enough, all these jobs were lost. Nobody seems to remember that this was an issue, however, because the enormous economic growth that the computer revolution drove created millions of new, higher-paying jobs that required more education, creativity and sophistication to fill. Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Lotus, Borland, and Oracle turned thousands of middle-class engineers and middle managers into millionaires and drove billions in tech investments that created thousands of additional jobs to capitalize on the productivity increases and efficiencies computing enabled.During the dot-com bubble, tech companies like the one I used to work for couldn't hire talent fast enough to fill jobs. Every college graduate with an MBA or engineering degree was spoken for as fast as they graduated. We turned to recruiting some of our talents from overseas, importing several engineers of exceptional talent that would have been impossible to hire in the United States. The U.S. government places strict limits on the number of employees U.S. companies can recruit from overseas for fear that they will steal U.S. jobs. The troubling issue about this policy is this: What would our tech economy have looked like if Andy Grove...

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1157 words - 5 pages may help clients achieve major benefits such as cost savings, increased flexibility, higher quality services and access to new technology ( McFarlan & Nolan, activities 1995).IT outsourcing is broadly defined as a process undertaken by an organization to contract out or sell the organization's IT assets, staff and or to a third party supplier who in exchange provides and manages IT assets and services for monetary return over an agreed period

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2180 words - 9 pages      What is Outsourcing? It is a method in which companies subcontract labor and support to outside agencies (Klepper, 1997). How, why, and who companies outsource to are quickly becoming social topics of discussion in our society. Everyone seems to have an opinion on outsourcing. I bet that I can walk into a social gathering right now and hear discussions like “outsourcing is good for the American consumer” or


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1140 words - 5 pages company excels at, should not be outsourced. Finally, portions of your company that are critical to your public image and public relations, maybe better kept at home. Daniel Drezner, of Foreign Affairs, writes "Dell and Lehman Brothers recently moved some of their call centers back to the United States from India because of customer complaints." This provides a great example for the problems and pitfalls with outsourcing, including the possible

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