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Outsourcing Impact: A Research Study Done In Kosovo

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A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used for this research. Starting with interviews here and abroad, then surveys and up to attending a subject related event. We have conducted 8 personal interviews in total and have tried to grasp everyone`s opinion by asking both the people abroad that employ students in Kosovo and students who are employed by people abroad. Further, to make sure we covered everyone`s opinion and heard everyone`s story we also interviewed someone from the government, the head of SME agency to be more specific, then the product developer of Asseco-SEE, former Pronet a successful Kosovo based IT, a person who has the India outsourcing experience and the founder of UniGroup, an NGO that helps Kosovar gain business experience. The survey in the other hand was intended for students in their last year of studies from different universities in Kosovo. With the survey I tried to see how many students are familiar with the term outsourcing, what type of skills the youth of Kosovo has, have they ever worked on an outsourced task or would they be willing to do so if such an opportunity arouse and other similar questions. Lastly, I also attended an event called Bar Camp, which is very similar to TED global events. At Bar Camp usually the speakers are students or graduates who have done something in their career and thus at the event they share their experience with the others who are usually students as well.

An integral part of the project was a survey run throughout Kosovo`s universities. The survey focused on exploring how familiar students are with outsourcing services and


opportunities, as well as to test what are the main skills they report as marketable for this purpose. The survey (N=126 respondents) was done online using ‘Google Docs’, which also has this feature called ‘Form’ that allows to create and run surveys. The survey link was spread across different university facebook groups for a total of 8 days. Out of 126 respondents, 110 where students, while the rest included 9 graduates and 7 high school students. The majority of students 51.8% were from the public Univerisity of Prishtina (UP), 40% were from the American University in Kosovo (AUK), and 8.2% were from other private universities AAB-Riinvest, Dukagjini College and Iliria. Out of 57 respondents that are enrolled at Univeristy of Prishtina, 20 were majoring in computer science, 19 in economics and 11 where studying at the Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering and the 7 left where all majoring on different field such as law, sports, medicine etc. In the other hand out of 44 students that were enrolled at AUK, only 4 were majoring in IT while the rest where majoring in Economics, Public Policy and Management. The other 9 students from other private universities did not declare their major in the survey, since it was optional.

Two of the interviews conducted were with the two people engaged from DGL Consulting to do outsourcing...

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