Outsourcing: Let’s Get It Right Essay

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“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened” (Kennedy, 1963). Continuous improvements in technology capabilities have provided companies with tools to more easily conduct business on a global scale. However, when conducting business with different cultures, you risk different ethical standards. Companies should be accountable for ensuring their product or services can be received by the consumer in good conscience, void of human ethics violations, regardless of where the product or service originates; and consumers should not patronize companies that cannot ensure this trust.

This paper provides rhetorical analyses of two presentations pertaining to outsourcing. Neither particularly opposes outsourcing, yet each provides information addressing two different outsourcing concerns. Kibbe’s 2004 article “Outsourcing: the good, the bad and the inevitable” focuses on United States (U.S.) job impact. Van Heerden’s 2010 speech “Making Global Labor Fair” focuses on human rights impact.

Rhetorical Analysis: Kibbe (2004) “Outsourcing: the good, the bad and the inevitable”
Kibbe (2004) uses the rhetorical devise loaded language combined with either-or-fallacy and the rhetorical devises comparisons, definitions, and explanations combined with downplayer to influence readers to accept outsourcing as an acceptable way of business in today’s multinational world. The article focuses on how offshore outsourcing impacts the U.S. job market.

Kibbe’s use of loaded language in the article’s introduction sets the stage to attain reader support for outsourcing. Kibbe (2004) begins the article with two outsourcing definitions: “Outsourcing is either the smartest business practice . . . or the most repugnant” (Kibbe, 2004, para.1). The use of the rhetorical devise loaded language “smartest” and “most repugnant” directs the reader towards thinking in extreme terms. Additionally, the rhetorical devise either-or-fallacy is used, which guides the reader towards associating outsourcing to only one of these two definitions. Moreover, providing these definitions of outsourcing specifically at the beginning of the article influences the reader to link the subsequent claims contained within the article, to either a “smart business practice” or a “most repugnant” business practice. Because the article consists of more positive claims than negative, by the end of the article the non-critical reader is left with a positive feeling about outsourcing, regardless of factual claims.

Additionally, Kibbe uses rhetorical devise comparisons, explanations, and definitions along with the rhetorical devise downplayer while explaining that offshore outsourcing has come to the forefront because of unrelated economic conditions. Kibbe (2004) suggests the migration of jobs offshore “coupled with an economic downturn . . . on the heels of one of the largest economic booms in the nation’s history . . . made the change taking place [jobs...

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