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Outsourcing Of Jobs Essay

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As Jim Pinto says in an article published on ISA, “…global outsourcing has a negative connotation—it means firing American workers and shipping jobs to less-developed countries where wages are low and labor laws are lax.” For these reasons, outsourcing has grown because companies believe they save money, time, and effort by moving jobs to other countries. However, outsourcing and offshoring jobs to foreign workers hinders the development and prosperity of companies
Because of outsourcing, many companies waste time and money trying to break through cultural and language barriers. For instance, while explaining why outsourcing was bad for a company, Passion Computing explains that it is difficult enough to translate programming concepts to clients and create achievable project goals without having to give clear instructions to Indian programmers who have a different grasp of English. Because people from other countries have a different way of speaking and understanding English, miscommunication causes projects to not be done correctly. Since the project might not be what the client asked for, the client stops working with the company. In addition to miscommunication, Passion Computing explains that trying to communicate to the client and then having to translate details to the Indian programmers is a problem in outsourcing. This situation is a problem because having to translate between languages causes time loss within a project. Because the project will then take longer, the client may stop working with the company out of frustration due to slowing project time. Furthermore, The Houston Chronicle publishes an article that explains that workers from Latin American countries often believe that asking questions of a supervisor is disrespectful (Joseph). Because different countries have different respect systems, managers become frustrated that workers will not speak up. This type of conflict can cause tension during projects, causing the project to take longer or not be done properly. For these reasons, companies find that outsourcing hurts their growth because they lose money, time, and sometimes, clients.
The operation of a company from the opposite side of the world are more expensive and risky. For example, Heather Timmons and Bettina Wassener, two of New York Times' writers, explain a particular case of fraud in India: "Mr. Raju said Wednesday that 50.4 billion rupees, or $1.04 billion, of the 53.6 billion rupees in cash and bank loans the company listed as assets for its second quarter, which ended in September, were nonexistent." Since fraud is not as seriously watched in other countries, the chances for fraud are greater. Because fraud is more prevalent, companies have a greater chance of losing money through fraud. Beyond fraud, traveling to other countries is more expensive than traveling domestically: one-way airfare from Delta costs $400 to $800 dollars for across the country while traveling around the world costs $1,000 to $10,000...

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