Outsourcing Prescription Drugs Is Wrong Essay

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We are not here to deny that America has a problem with drug costs, we are here to say that importing drugs from other countries is not the solution. There are many reasons why this solution won't work in the long run. First off doing so would effect our already struggling economy in a negative way by widening the trade gap. By pushing off responsibility onto other countries we are giving them jobs and money that our economy needs. Also, The whole point to going to other countries is to save money but if we buy all of our drugs for cheaper prices the manufacturers will end up losing research funds. And finally one that we have to strongly consider, the safety of Americans.First discussing the effect that the trade gap has on the economy. In example according to the magazine the Economist, So far in the year 2004 we have spent $145 billion more on imports from other countries than we have received from exports. $145 billion, is a great amount of money that we are giving to other countries and not keeping here in the US. If we agree to this resolution this figure will only increase. The trade gap has been gradually increasing over the years and recently our goal has been to close that gap and keep money in the states. This resolution won't help our cause. By allowing our citizens to buy prescription drugs from other countries we will just send more and more money out of our country and in the hands of our neighbors.This may not seem like a huge problem but I agree with Columnist John M. Berry when he writes "the huge difference between exports and imports is essentially a lost opportunity to create jobs and generate income." So this is actually negatively affecting our economy in more ways than one. We will lose money, we will also be losing precious jobs, which in turn means that American citizens are losing income that, if it were present, would eventually be put back into our economy. We must negate this resolution because it will only hurt our already struggling economy.Next we must think about the manufacturers. If we allow American citizens to buy prescription drugs in Canada the manufacturers of these drugs will not make enough profit for themselves to keep testing new drugs. Right now, according to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, it takes an average of 12 to 15 years and a half a billion dollars to develop a safe and effective drug. If we allow Americans to purchase drugs from out of the country at lower prices the manufacturers will not make enough profit to keep research going....

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