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Outspoken or OpinionatedIn the 21st century more women are breaking through their cultural and ethical values and becoming independent. Women of the present and future unlike the women of the past have their own thoughts, beliefs, and lifestyles despite what society believes. In the movie Real Women Have Curves the main character Ana, is a senior in high school and has her own goals to go to college. Ana has to overcome her mother's wishes to stay at home with the family and work in her sister's dress making shop. Should Ana stay by her family and do want her mother wishes or pursue her dream in life and go to college.Carmen, Ana's mother has very traditional and religious beliefs for her family while Ana has modern beliefs and is more of an open-minded person. Although Ana seems to not care about what her mother thinks she actually respects her mother but wants to live her life for herself.Carmen is a religious woman and in the movie. She has Saint Antonio; it is for Ana it serves a purpose to help Ana find a husband. The Saint Antonio is holding a baby who represents fertility because Carmen wants Ana to be married and have children. It is easy to see that her culture plays a role in the way she thinks women are supposed to carry themselves. Carmen tells Ana, "Don't eat the flan." She thinks that her daughter is supposed to be slim in order to attract a husband and that a man won't like women who are overweight. Despite her mothers request to not eat the flan she eats it anyway, not to make her mother mad but to show she doesn't care what her others think of her appearance. Carmen feels that Ana doesn't need to continue school any further that she needs to work with her family in her sister Estela's dress shop. Carmen tells her husband that she can teach Ana all she need to know, she can teach her to cook, sew and take care of her husband. Carmen like some traditional Hispanic women think that their only place is at home, taking care of the children, doing housework and tending to their husband.Carmen is a very conservative Hispanic woman. She thinks woman should dress conservatively and be submissive....

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2032 words - 8 pages in being part of the group or they might be shy. This shyness could lead others to believe that they are not interested in taking part in the meeting.LeadershipThe different personality types could also define leaders of a group. People who are outspoken and opinionated could likely end up as leaders. These types of people are, called extroverts. Extroverts are outgoing; they speak their minds and generally would be, listened to by others. A

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3093 words - 12 pages company of women, no longer restrained in a modest manner, revealing dominating and opinionated characteristics in herself which were previously unseen. Hero’s more outspoken character when in the company of women is not reflected in the extract Act 2, Scene1. This leads to the suggestion of an additional facet to her personality revealed only in the presence of other women. Perhaps Beatrice’s absence in this scene is

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2096 words - 9 pages that the “cult of true womanhood” insists a woman not should be. She is opinionated and outspoken both about her neighbour’s lives and her own, she is not submissive or particularly charmed by domestic work and she aims to educate herself as much as she can and even takes a keen interest in political matters, documenting each presidential election . Kate’s controversial spirit and lack of innate ability to become the persona of an ideal wife shows

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