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Over Dependence On Technology Essay

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Regina Fleck has an iPhone 7 and she admits, “I no longer feel frustrated or impatient. That emotion now manifests in me as a desire to check my e-mail." (Tran). All around the world, technology has taken over the lives of many, especially children. Each year younger children are being introduced to new technology to help them learn and grow, but the effects of this may be different from what is expected. Rather than seeing growth, the overuse of technology is leading to many issues, including a decline in creativity, less active lifestyles, and difficulty falling asleep. The growing overdependence on and overuse of technology is affecting young children both mentally and physically.
Throughout the world, but in America especially, obesity has been increasing rapidly in the past few years. Sedentary lifestyles are increasing, and children are a main group that has seen an increase in this type of lifestyle due to the desire to remain inside and spend their time playing video games and watching TV while enjoying their favorite snacks. The more overweight this generation becomes, the more health issues arise, such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure (Delhi). These children not only enjoy the Internet and technology, they are addicted to it, which is why it’s so hard for them to decline the opportunity to use technology rather than go outside to play. Ads on TV and websites also promote toys, other technology, and food, causing children to have a desire for these products and possibly causing them to become overweight made worse by their sedentary nature. In fact, Dr. Peter Nieman observed that the biggest competitors for physical activity are the television and the Internet. Some believe that it is not the children’s fault, but rather their parents’ fault because they are in charge of monitoring their children's use of technology. Also, the parents are the ones who are buying the games and the food that the children eat, so it can’t be blamed on the children. Others believe that the ads and commercials are nearly irresistible to children, and parents are just trying to keep their children happy. Whatever the case, the major cause of it is the technology (Browning).
Another source of the overdependence of technology in children is school. At school, they are introduced to technology at a very young age, sometimes even in preschool. Children are introduced to calculators at a very young age, helping them with math problems they should be able to do in their heads. The teachers are encouraging it so the students don’t take the time to learn how to do it out and then struggle when they have no calculator. Also, children today are proven to have much worse handwriting than in the past. They are now expected to type English essays and in elementary school; many aren’t taught cursive but rather how to use computers. For example, in 2009, 97 percent of teachers had at least one computer in their room, and out of that, 93 percent of...

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