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There are many women who are not able to carry children or birth them. The good thing about this that there are other women that can carry them babies for them until birth. This is a relationship in which one woman bears and gives birth to a child for a person or a couple who then adopts or takes legal custody of the children; also called mothering by proxy. In surrogate motherhood, one woman acts as a surrogate, or replacement, mother for another woman, sometimes called the intended mother, who either cannot produce fertile eggs or cannot carry a pregnancy through to birth, or term. My mother’s friend a while back could not carry a baby to full term but still had fertile eggs. She went to her doctor and they set up to meet with a few women decide which one was the best to carry her child. After a few months of looking over one women my mother’s friend and her husband came to the conclusion they had found the right women. Then the process happened and the first few months went well. During the seventh month’s thing started not to go welcome to find out the women that was carrying the baby was doing it to get money to bail her boyfriend out of jail. Once he found out that she had done this he was infuriated and he went crazy and didn’t understand when she told him that she cheated. After that she started to spill under and not take care of herself or the baby. She went in to labor in the eighth month and almost lost the baby but she didn’t. My mother’s friend were very upset and scared they thought they were going to lose their baby and after they didn’t they were not sure if they wanted to pay the women. She disobeyed their wishes and almost lost the life of their baby. They wanted more children but were scared of how the outcome maybe. The wife not having many eggs and paying all that money again if they would have to go through the same situation. How do you know this will not happen to? Not everyone will be like this surrogate mother but how will you know that you are getting a certified mother. This make you question is surrogate motherhood the best and safest way to have your baby. Surrogate motherhood should change their policies because the pricey cost of having someone carry your child, the parents can’t fully control the surrogate mother habits, and the risk of the surrogate getting attached to the baby.
The biggest concern surrogate motherhood is the cost of the operation of a surrogacy.
Most of the insurance will not cover the expense of surrogacy. The patience will have to pay out of pocket for the whole procedure. It is not just the cost of the procedure but the cost of bring the surrogate mother to the full pregnancy term and paying the surrogate mother. Depending on the income the parents are most likely not going to able to pay for it unless they would have financial help. (HealthResearch N.p.).
There are many thing the parents of the unborn child has to pay for. Not including the price of the unborn baby itself. The expense...

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