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Overfishing occurs when fish are being caught faster than they can reproduce and replace themselves so the population of fish will decrease faster , it is becoming a big issue. Because of that fish get extinct faster and makes our fish resource to decrease. Also many countries and nations are involved.If this keeps happening there may be no more fish for our next generation , even though their are not many short consequences think of the long term consequences caused by overfishing. Put we have come up with a plan since what is being done to stop overfishing is not enough for people to realize the consequences. So what do you think should be done to stop overfishing before its too late ...view middle of the document...

Overfishing occurs because fish are captured at a faster rate than they can reproduce. If this happens it will affect their ecosystem in the ocean it can destroy the balance of the food chain so maybe one type of species will increase and the other will decrease and it will affect the ocean. That will affect the lives of humanity because many people depend on fish as a resource and if overfishing keeps happening then we might extinct all species of fish.
Some possible solutions we found out to stop overfishing was that if we grab peoples attention we can make our plan viral by telling people to spread the word. So if people realize how big this issue is then most of the population will stop buying the product and soon the industries and economies will stop selling tons of fish,. Giving fish a chance to reproduce and increase the size of its population, it will take some time but it is worth it. Other solutions are to protest to make it worldwide so if people from every nation can protest together we can stop overfishing. Some quick ways to do this is to use modern technology and go to youtube and make a viral video or powerpoint.
What is being done regarding this issue is that Some big business are making policies to prevent overfishing .Other things they are doing is giving ideas on how people can help stop overfishing like speak up , adoption, or join their business to help prevent overfishing. Not much is being done because not many people know that overfishing is a thing and that it is happening without them noticing. So what we have to do is spread the news so that overfishing can be stopped.
Our plan is to convince people to stop overfishing because 1,414 species of fish, or 5 percent of the world's known species is endangered...

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