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In today's non-stop, fast paced society we encounter numerous problems. Problems that go far deeper than your average uncertainty. Problems that one day will result in serious adversity. Ignoring such problems as global warming, pollution, and numerous others will one day come back to haunt this great orb. One massive problem that cannot be overlooked anymore is the problem over population. This has resulted in the plethora of humans, who in turned have caused the problems stated previously. There are also other problems caused by an overpopulated planet such as food shortages and depleting natural resources. When examining further, problems of where to school this vast number of children or traffic congestion also arise. Over population is a serious threat to the future and prosperity of the human race, more than any other global problem this one will bring not only the most demeaning affects but also the in the most numerous forms.First, I would like to bring up what is in my opinion the most serious set back with over population. The problem is this planet's depleting natural resources. One study shows that even if the worlds population were four times the size it is today (that is by assuming at some point there is a limit placed on the number of children a family will have,) fossil fuels would be gone by the year three thousand. Now, if that limit is never pit on the number of children a family can produce the remaining fossil fuels on this planet will be gone in about a third of that time (Starr, 3). Fossil Fuels are the primary source of energy on earth, when they are gone, this planet will not have the energy to live the life and function the way it does now. As long as the problem of overpopulation continues to expand, the chances for this to happen greaten. A line has to be drawn as to how many people can maintain a functioning and prosperous society on earth. The population growth for this planet exceeds 100 million people per year, this presents a catastrophic scenario, and exerts severe stress levels on our natural resources as well as the life support capacity for our planet(Singh, vii). The immense number of people that will one day be roaming this planet is a horrific thought, knowing very well that one day we will reach a number of people that this planet simply cannot support.Along with using natural resources with no plan for the future, this planet is also burdening itself with global warming, also known as "The Greenhouse Effect." Over the past 100 years the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air has sky rocketed. The number went from 281 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to the number today of 368 million parts per million. This is a 30 percent increase of a mere 100 years (Encarta). This can be attributed to the high rise in population over that span. As more people continue to inhibit this planet the amount of carbon in the atmosphere will continue to grow to dangerously high levels. Thought in the far...

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