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Maxwell International Holdings Berhad has accomplished many achievements in the aspects of production lines , management , credibility and operation . Its outstanding achievements can be related to its hard work over the years .
When the company was first formed in the year 1999 , it had just a single production line with an annual production capacity of approximately one million pairs of sports shoes . In just a year’s time , the company had successfully built another production line , bringing capacity to two million pairs of shoes annually . The company’s achievement in the expansion of its production lines enables it to secure contract with US Polo .
In the year 2001, Maxwell company was rewarded as the Outstanding Enterprise for Safe Production by the government of Qingyang County. The purpose of this award is to appreciate the group’s safety production . Meanwhile , Maxwell company got rewarded as the Outstanding Enterprise by The Committee of China Communism Party in Qingyang County and the Government of Qingyang County in year 2002. The award is to appreciate the company’s excellent comprehensive performance from year 1999 – 2002 . Due to its official recognition by the China government , the company managed to secure contract with another US brand which is Fubu .
As an appreciation for the company’s excellent management of products quality , the company was rewarded the Outstanding Enterprise in Regulated Quality Management in year 2003 . Its excellent management of products quality has attract quite a number of investors . From the company’s annual report , we can see that the number of investors has increased dramatically compared to the previous years .
Apart from that , the company has gained excellent credibility and reputation from bankers. In the year 2004 , the award of AA Rating Enterprise was rewarded to Maxwell International Holdings Berhad by Credit Evaluation Center and Enterprise Credit Evaluation Association. With the company’s excellent credibility and reputation from bankers , it is easier for Maxwell to get loan in case there is any financial issues in the company .

Furthermore , the company has expanded its production lines into three in the year 2006 . The company managed to produce six million pairs of...

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