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Overall Class Essay

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The experience in the class was great and also the professor. This class was the perfect class to attend without there being any day of learning interesting topics. Every question was always answered whenever I emailed the professor. I always arrived early and attended class because I do not like to miss any minute of class time. The books and essays were helpful for me to learn more about English. I deserve an A as my final grade in this class because I give my best on the assignments, have excellent attendance, and appreciate the material that I learned.
I put so many hours each week to get my assignments done on time because I worked so much to get a high grade that I deserve. I was only focused on this class because I know it is important to me. I learned more that I have ever expected in this English class because I have improved my writing than before. I turn in my essays on time and get them revised at the Writing Center. The Writing Center is really helpful ...view middle of the document...

I always knew what assignments had to be turned in on the day it was due. The class notes also became useful because I always wrote down what was on the board and what the professor said. I was always focused on the lectures because they are very important to understand the class. Missing class was never in my head because this class was important to attend and nothing could have stopped me.
There were many topics that I learned in class and I like them all. Writing responses and essays every week has helped me understand writing better than how I used to. The essays were kind of difficult for me at first but then when I wrote more it became easy. I learned new vocabulary words and most of them I have never heard of them before. I thought the books for this class was going to be boring at first but when I began reading them they were very interesting. I cannot believe that I read many books in a matter of four weeks because I have never read that many in a short time. I already have the experience reading many books because I remember in tenth grade I read several of books. My former tenth grade English teacher prepared me for college and that helped so much for this class. I like the fact that I was able to read books about the professor because I have never read any about a professor before. I like Hawk and Warrant Glen so much because it was about a boy trying to survive and experiencing new adventures in life. Reading poems are not my favorite but reading them from the book One Moment More were interesting than I expected. I practically read all of them; however, it took me sometime to read the poems carefully. I appreciate the material that I learned in class because it was what I expected it to be.
I should get the grade that I deserve because I work hard, attend class, and appreciate what I learn in class. I am glad that I have never missed any class days because each class lecture helped me learn tremendously. I am definitely satisfied with the material I have learned in this class. I like the essays that I wrote, and the books and poems I read. This English 103 class is the best English class that was not boring at all because it was always interesting and exciting to attend each night. I personally would have liked for this class to be longer because I am going to miss it every night.

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