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Overall, Has The Past Century Of Warfare Been Worth It?

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War has been defined as a period of fighting, where there are open acts of warfare and hostility present. It is a destructive, vicious, violent and senseless process, where in most cases many people lose there lives defending their country or fighting against another. Despite this, it has been present numerous times in the past century. World War I and II, the Korean War, Vietnams War, Desert Storm and the Gulf War are just some examples. It is therefore strange that something as destructive and violent as war could be defended through several benefits, which a country might gain during these times. Over the past century the warfare's that have been present have brought about political, economic and scientific benefits. These are some of the benefits that have been referred to, to validate and justify war generally as a human institution.War is used to achieve socially and politically desirable ends, which are in favor of one country or more, which is invading another nation. Several arguments have been given, that war is beneficial to liberate oppressed nations. Such great empires such as Germany, was in fact a product of warfare. According to this position, it was necessary for the expansion of the country to gain more power, under the ruling of Hitler's Nazis. This meant that everyone had to abide by what Hitler said, and there words meant nothing. Such empires could not have developed on a voluntary basis without the need for wars of conquest. Similarly, Iraq is an example of a nation that was oppressed and was liberated. Unfortunety the defeat and removal of these authoritarian and oppressive rulers' such as Hitler and Saddam was impossible without the power of war.Although it is not often overtly expressed, there is a belief that the institution of war is vital to modern economies. According to this position, industrial economies are carefully connected and linked with the production of military technology and military means. During a period of war, the industry of a country is obviously increased, which therefore creates new jobs for people. These two steps can boost the country significantly economically. Therefore, the elimination of war would prove economically devastating as large sectors of society, both in technology and manufacturing, would be eliminated. The existence...

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