Overall Reflection On Interactive Science Concepts

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I thought the observations and interactive activities really added to my understanding of some concepts in Science. The activities allowed us hands on exploration of new ideas and ways to teach students Science. I really liked the spinning top activity. While building this activity, I found it interesting that student can come up with different ideas to achieve the same task. We had six groups and six different interpretations of what out tops should look like. This allowed us to explore through trial and error to achieve the same goal. This works much in the same way for the black box activity. We all collaborated to guess what was inside the box. It was amazing when we reflected with other groups how many different ideas were presented. This is the Science of exploration and making educated guesses. I was a little disappointed that we never did get to reveal the contents of the box, so my wheels are still turning on this one.
The 5 E format seems to be an easier way to write a lesson plan. This allows us as teachers to be able to engage the students throughout the entire activity. It allows for students to gain knowledge through experiencing the experiment on their own. The only hang-up that I have for this style lesson plan is that is different than what we are taught throughout all of our other classes. It is easier and shorter to write; however, it will seem to take practice to perfect after being drilled a six-step lesson plan in all of my other methods classes.
I really enjoyed my science investigation. My investigation allowed me to make teaching Science a little easier because I was able to integrate an experiment with one of my hobbies. This integration makes the Science project flow much better. For me, I did not feel I was doing a Science investigation. I...

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