Combat Application Tourniquet: A Life Saver

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“Tourniquet use recently changed in current conflicts from uncommon to common—from a means of "last resort" to a means of first aid”. (Kragh, p.806) When the protocols for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) were developed, the civilian practice of using the tourniquet as a last resort was replaced with the use first; especially under fire. Tourniquets used by the military until the past ten years were from issue in World War Two. These long pieces of green webbing with a metal gator clip on the end were more than likely were used to hold up your trousers because they were more applicable for that, than stopping a traumatic arterial bleed. The military needed a better tourniquet than the current issue. The Combat Application Tourniquet or C.A.T. was the answer war fighters were looking for. The C.A.T. is the premiere tourniquet because it can be used with one hand and completely occludes a hemorrhage to an extremity cause by a traumatic wound.

One the battle field, the fighter must be able to retain control of his weapon to stay engaged in an assault. A medic or corpsman cannot always make it to an injured person’s position due to the volume of fire to take care of the injuries. With hemorrhage from an extremity being one of the leading causes of death on the battlefield, the warfighter must be able to stop the bleeding himself. The features required of the C.A.T as desired by the armed forces is: “one handed employment with a continuous, sliding loop within a self-adhering band to provide optimum occlusion of blood flow to either upper or lower extremities”. (Counter Terrorist p.69) C.A.T. has a simple dual securing system avoid of mechanical securing measures which can become difficult to operate under stress or where fine motor skills are lessened. Though the ease of use with the C.A.T. is a positive aspect, it is important to practice the use of the tourniquet so the simplicity of the C.A.T. is second nature when the time comes to use one on the battlefield. And it is this...

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