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Overcoming Adversity In The Workplace Essay

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When immersed in a culture at your job, it is a culmination of many different people from incredibly random walks of life pooled together as one. They all provide their piece to make it an effective model, but everyone is different and serve their own individual purpose to make it work. They do not necessarily have to agree every time, but working together for a common purpose is something we all take great pride in. We put differences aside, if they exist, and do what we are tasked with while working together to complete the tasks at hand.

In the work place, the biggest thing that could come into play is indeed the wide array of personalities you can encounter on a daily basis. There is such a diverse culture you meet with daily and typically will not agree on everything that is said. No two people are the same and thus we must find ways to get along. As a group, they are tasked with overcoming these differences to work as one and get stuff done. This is a little more difficult sometimes, but that is what you are being paid for. In short, everyone has to do what they can to ensure they are overcoming obstacles to reach the common goal they are tasked with and support each other as needed to get where they need to go professionally.

Professor Michael Roberto’s presentation taped at Harvard Business School years ago was actually an inspiring lesson into the organization addressing those questions, but especially the decision making model. He explains the difference between people, but my favorite part was when he stated explained the biases that exist and how differently we all will think going into a decision. Years of business classes and especially the business psychology classes has opened up my mind to see everyone’s beliefs and exactly how everyone can come to that state of the thought process. You cannot always predict exactly what everyone is thinking, but you can change your approach to how you respond to them. My favorite quote early on in his video was, “Some groups have a belief it is ok (to make ascent) and others believe it would be career suicide” (Roberto, 2003). It shows you the extent of how different everyone’s thinking can be in the most extreme circumstances.

Going back to my own organization, we again have a very diverse culture of people from many walks of life, faith, belief, etc. Things we all do not dwell on, but in a conventional sense, things that can differentiate ourselves from the pack and maybe affect our decision making. We all have different ideas as to exactly what the problems are within our own company and how we can fix them. Some people want to blame a certain department/individuals for the short fall and there in turn is a feeling of disrespect that exists and it can undoubtedly affect the relationship between not only those people, but others beyond that...

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