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Overcoming Barriers To Change. Essay

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Niccolo' Machiavelli, a 16th century politician once said, " There is nothing so difficult to implement as change, since those in favor of the change will often be small in number while those opposing the change will be numerous and enthusiastic in this resistance to change." Changes are a part of everyday life. Change can be required or suggested, yet no one can guarantee that people will comply. Change can be viewed as difficult to people for different reasons.Our textbook gives detail to six different methods of how people can deal with change. The first method is education and communication. Education and good communication is highly recommended in situations where there is lack of information or inaccurate information and analysis. The advantage is that the better understanding and education of the change will help people have a clearer vision of why this change is happening and how it will benefit them. The disadvantage is that the training will be very time consuming and many people may not have the patience to go through it.Another method is participation and involvement. This method is usually used when the initiators do not have all the information needed to design the change, and where others have considerable power to resist. The positive aspect of this method is if people participate and become involved with the implementation they will be more likely to be committed. The disadvantage is again the fact that it is time consuming and poor design of the change.The third method is facilitation and support. This would be appropriate to use if people are resisting change because of fear and anxiety. The advantage is that facilitation and support works well with people and assists employees in adjusting. The drawback is the lack of time and high expenses needed for this method.Negotiation and agreement is another method that can be used when dealing with resistance to change. Negotiation and agreement is best when used in a situation where someone or some group will clearly lose out in a change, and where that group has considerable power to resist. One advantage is that it sometimes easier to avoid major resistance. A disadvantage is the high expense associated with the negotiation.The fifth method mentioned is manipulation and co-optation. This method is most commonly used when other tactics will not work or are to expensive. The positive aspect of using this method is that it is a quick process and an...

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