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Overcoming Focus Problems For Students In The Classroom

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It is known that the key to classroom success is participation which means that students should be engaged in open discussions and they have to feel involved. This participation can be maintained by asking questions and also by anticipating the content of the lesson. Nevertheless, sometimes it is hard to pay attention during the whole class-session; here, we can put the blame on boredom, on the distractors or on the instructor’s style. So, how do we overcome such a difficulty? And what are the tips for focusing in class?
Sometimes, in class, I spend my time thinking about futile things that come to my mind rather than focusing on what is taught in class. It is a short time distraction that affects our long term goals in a way that it disturbs our concentration. For example, I’m holding a pen in my hand and I’m playing with it, so here, my mind is concentrating on the pen’s pivot, the professor’s voice seems to be far from where I’m standing and her words sound meaningless. In this case, I’ve pushed myself to lose attention by occupying myself with a pen. Having said that, there would be no benefit from attending this class and I would have failed on learning. Still, to minimize distractions, sitting closer to the instructor may help you benefit the most from the lecture.
As college students, we are expected to be responsible and to learn a great deal of information. Not only, we sometimes are not motivated enough to participate but we also feel tired and extremely bored. The instructor’s style of learning is maybe not adequate to ours, nevertheless students should be flexible. We have to learn how to adapt ourselves to the differences that come across our scholar path for our own good. In this case, to keep ourselves involved, we should take notes, review them, be an active listener, ask questions and beyond all...

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