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Overcoming Obstacle Essay

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The biggest obstacle for me was when I was six and having to leave home. I was born in Guatemala and that was home for six years of my childhood. At that time most of my family lived in the United States and my family had saved enough money to bring us to U.S. that was my mother, brother who was four, and I. I remember sitting their watching television as the classic Michey Mouse cartoon was playing. My mom was packing a backpack with clothes and I didn’t why, just when a Disneyland commercial came on and my brother and I looked at each other and asked my mom if we could go there not knowing where it was. My mother looked at me and said “very soon, are you ready” I knotted my head yes as she turned of the television. She had to leave my brother and I at one of her friend’s house because she was going to the embassy of Guatemala to see if we could get passport. She had to camp there if you wanted to be seen by the embassy early in the morning. I remember her leaving and it was dark outside but she wasn’t by herself, she was with my aunt. My brother didn’t take it so well that she left and started crying I tried to comfort him and after awhile he did calm down and fell asleep. At around five or six in the morning my brother was crying for my mom. My mom’s friend rushed in to see why he was crying, and after awhile of her comforting him she got us ready to take us to my mom. We got on the bus and I remember seeing out the window and thinking; it was too early for anything right now. When we got there it was full of people standing and sitting against this tall building waiting to get in. My mother wasn’t that far off from the front of the line, but still had to wait a long time to get in. I didn’t know why we where there for but for some reason I thought we where going to Disneyland. So I asked my mom if this was Disneyland and she smile and knotted no and told me to behave in this type of place. I remember...

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