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According to the widely accepted, Out of Africa Theory, the first appearance of the anatomically modern human originated 200,000 years in Africa. Modern humanity exists today as the species Homo sapiens sapiens which are generally characterized by bipedal and upright movement, the use of tools, and a complex brain structure as compared to their . All modern humans evolved from fourteen specific “ancestral population clusters” and from 100,000 to 50,000 years ago migrated and hybridized or interbred throughout the world in waves replacing archaic species and populating the world. These migrations defined as diasporic movements, consist of a group of people with a common origin that travel ...view middle of the document...

It is important to note that the term, “Bushman”, is also linked to the term Khoisan. Khoisan is a term that groups the San and Khoi people together because of their similar language and physical characteristics. The San, instead of Khoisan, are singled out due to their earlier origin and longer history. The San are the first modern humans in Southern Africa and originally existed as a hunter gather or foraging people, and have their own unique and sophisticated cultures. The San use very intricate languages, have complex social roles and developed an expertise in art, music and theology. The San were people that lived in harmony with nature for millennia have represented an “unspoiled and natural humanity”. At first sight one may view the San culture as simple or “primitive”, but after deeper exploration, it is easier to see that the San culture is deeply complex and has answers for even things our own modern society has forgotten. The San were eventually displaced by other peoples throughout Africa, and they can be found only in the most hostile and inhospitable environments. The San’s refusal to adopt modern lifestyles may have isolated them from the rest of the rapidly...

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