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Every child comes from a different world which shapes who they are as an individual. Throughout life, we face many obstacles; in some cases some are more difficult than others. Unlike most things in life, we can never avoid obstacles; they’re always going to be in the way, and one will have to face it. Some obstacles teach you lessons and help you grow into a better person. Some obstacles make one feel trapped, and feel as if it will never end. Others make one a stronger person and more confident. Obstacles shape who we are, and who we become. No matter how big the obstacle is, they are always an impact.
When I was in middle school, it was the worst life experience ever. I constantly got bullied. They made me feel horrible about myself. Sometimes I cried on the bus, other times I let it out as soon as I got home, or so my mom wouldn’t get worried, I waited till night. I always felt like an outcast. I felt as if I didn’t belong. I always felt lonely. The person I was in middle school isn’t who I am now. I don’t feel the way I did in middle school, and I thank high school for that. Throughout middle school, each year got worse. The bullying got worse, and I lost control. I began self-harming. I did it a few times seventh grade year, but not as much and as often as I did eighth grade year. I remember I was in the restroom one day while we were switching classes, and I just started crying. The bell was about to ring so I had to get to class. My English teacher saw me, and she waited until everyone was in class before she pulled me out of my social studies class to ask what was wrong. She pulled up my sleeve, and took me to my counselor when she saw my wrist. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my problems, so she called my parents. My counselor suggested that I should go to a therapist so I can talk about my problems to them. All I can say is middle school was a living hell.
Self-confidence has always been a huge obstacle in my life. What I think about myself seems to be based on the opinions and thoughts people give me. For instance, on Sunday I finally met my grandpa, and the first thing he said to me was “you’re fat, stop eating and lose some weight.” I don’t necessarily think I’m fat, but I don’t have...

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