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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir about Jeannette’s childhood experiencing many difficult situations. It is an excellent example of contemporary literature that reflects society. This story connects with social issues relevant to our time period, such as unstable home life, alcoholism, and poverty. Many of these issues, as well as others, are also themes of the story. One major theme of the story is overcoming obstacles, which is demonstrated by Jeannette, the Walls’ kids, and Rex and Mary Walls.
One obstacle Jeannette overcomes is unstable home life. The Wall’s family moves frequently because some family members were worried someone might be after them for money. When the family started “Doing the skedaddle.” (17)-their dad referred as a movement of fleeing very slowly and sneaky. According to this philosophy, the family experienced moving outside of their home in search for prosperity. The parents made it seem like an adventure instead of escaping their problems. For example, they would talk about gold and the prospector design to give a sense of hope. However, in terms of stopping at a place to live, it was always run down. Unfortunately, conditions worsened in terms of not having beds for the Walls’ children but improvised with boxes. Another example includes the house at 93 Little Hobart Street, Welch, West Virginia. Some problems that arose in the house were rotten pieces of wood, no toilet system but instead improvised with a bucket in the kitchen, no running water, and minimal electricity when they make the payments. A hole was dug for the glass castle foundation but garbage piled inside as a backup plan because trash collection fees exhorted their income. Today, society is determined to escape lower conditions, thus, create efficient living habits instead of unstable living conditions. When Jeannette and Lori wanted to think about themselves they abandoned their unstable life, thus, finding better opportunities in New York.
Another obstacle Jeannette overcomes is Rex Walls’ addiction. Jeannette’s dad had an alcohol problem. The problem was so bad, he falsified about his odd jobs and going to the bars willingly. When her dad craved alcohol, he stole money from the family. Money that was meant for groceries or savings the children hid. This happened often because he would drink uncontrollably and gamble more money than the family owned. On Jeannette’s tenth birthday, she asked her dad as a present to quit drink. After Jeannette’s tenth birthday, she saw her father tied on a bed trying to fight his addiction. “Only he knows how to fight his own demons.” (117)-Rose Mary Walls referred her husband being in a state of tantrums and deliriums that he tries expelling the evil soul filled with alcohol addiction. Three days after the grand canyon fiasco, while Lori and Jeannette played with Grandma Smith’s old piano, they suddenly...

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