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Overcoming Obstacles In The Outsiders And The Time Traveler

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One of life’s most memorable moments is learning to ride a bike. At first, nothing in the world could seem more difficult and scary. To move past the safety of training wheels is terrifying; it’s comfortable without knowing how. Learning to ride is the same, if not worse. It’s wobbly, falling countless times is inevitable. The fact that the bicycle could stand up straight on just two wheels is insane! Though it takes tremendous amounts of hard work, the end result is worth it. Sooner or later, riding a bike is easy! The Outsiders tells the story of 14 year old Ponyboy Curtis,and his struggle with right and wrong in a society in which he is an “outsider”. As Ponyboy, the lower-class gang of "greasers" battle the "Socs," the rich kids, they learn about overcoming the obstacles in their life, which all revolve around social class. Throughout the story, Ponyboy goes through many obstacles including the death of several of his closest friends. He learned that it shouldn’t matter where someone lives, or what amount of money they have. The Time Machine, describes a man who traveled to the year 802,701, where he met two groups of creatures: the Eloi and the Morlocks. The Eloi were small creatures who lived above the ground in crumbling buildings. They were shiftless and not very bright, but they were content. He rescued and befriended a particular Eloi named Weena. However, after learning that his time machine had been stolen, he discovered another group, the Morlocks. These creatures lived below ground in tunnels. The Morlocks were sinister and mischievous. The Time Traveller needed to get his machine back so he could take Weena back home with him, but instead, they were attacked by Morlocks. Throughout the battle, Weena was killed, but the Time Traveler was able to trick the Morlocks and he left their time as fast as possible. Both books demonstrate overcoming obstacles very well. Ponyboy matured greatly, and learned that all people are the same, no matter what their “class status” is. The Time Traveler had to work incredibly hard throughout the entire story. He had to have faith in himself and his work, even though no one else believed in him. Even in the future, he had to stay with the Eloi and learn to communicate and live amongst them to find his time machine. Facing the Morlocks and losing his friend took incredible amounts of courage. Facing a challenge creates a strenuous situation,but finding courage and overcoming the obstacle positively impacts the physical and mental welfare of an individual; ultimately concluding in personal growth
Although a difficult situation is created, one needs to be able to stir up the courage that it takes to withstand and overcome any obstacle. At the time, a dilemma in ones life may seem too troublesome and intimidating, but to truly learn and mature from the obstacle, it is necessary to be able to stand up for yourself, while consistently doing what is right. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy started to realize...

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