Overcoming Obstacles To Succeed Essay

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Enrolling in a college is one thing but actually attending classes and finishing college is harder than it seems. Regardless of all of the obstacles that come our way, there are always resources to help you overcome them to succeed. First colleges aren’t cheap and working may not be enough to pay or tuition but you can qualify for financial aid, grants, and loans. Another is organizing your time by having a job that cooperates with your school schedule and also allows you to have study time. Lastly you need to believe in yourself if you don’t you will not succeed.
First, Education isn’t cheap but there are many resources to help you. College is expensive from paying for classes, textbooks, and materials that it all adds up to a big number. Not everyone is born in a wealthy family or has the opportunity to have a full paid scholarship. According to College Data, in the United States the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2013–2014 school years was $30,094 at private colleges, $8,893 for state residents at public colleges, and $22,203 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. Regardless of all the money you need for tuition you have lots of resources to help you. FAFSA is one resource; it’s a free application to see how money you are eligible for student financial aid. You can always ask for a student loan. You do have to pay that back but after getting your degree; you can start paying it off. There are many scholarships and grants you can apply for. They may not pay your entire school tuition but every little amount counts. You can always get more than just one. Making them a good chunk of change. I actually qualified for financial aid the last two years because my parents don’t work and neither did I. I was eligible for the biggest amount I could receive and I was also able to get a Pell grant that helped a lot. Without them I would have to work for a long time to be capable of paying my tuition and everything I needed through each semester. I also had the opportunity to get money for my tuition doing a cooking contest among classmates. We all had the same ingredients and had to come up with our own dish and present it to the three judges. We were critiqued by presentation, taste, sanitation, and how well we kept our stations clean. The gentleman that won got five hundred dollars and had his dish served at the Taste of the Permian Basin with his name displayed for everyone to see. My friend Jorge went to medical school and that’s crazy expensive so in his situation he had to get many loans out to pay but he finishes his residency program this summer and he’s already started paying his loans off. Just because college is expensive doesn’t mean it should stop you from achieving your dreams. So many ways to get money for tuition; you just need to look at all your possibilities.
Second, managing time between work and...

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