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Overcoming Stress: There Are Many Positive Ways To Overcome Stress Mcneese State University English 101 V3 Essay

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Suman Tamang
Dr. Mary Hidalgo
ENGL101 V3
Overcoming Stress
Everyone wants to live a happy life. Stress is something that makes life feel miserable.
Most of the people are under stress and it has affected different aspects of their lives in one
way or another. Different people have to deal with different kind of stress. Stress of work,
study, relationship etc. plays a great role in making the life hard and unmanaged as well. People
under stress are likely to be not enjoying the life. There are many positive ways to overcome to
overcome the stress.
Stress can affect the person in almost everywhere. Stress don’t let the person to be
creative as it will limit the thinking skill. Along with the mental health, stress has effects on
physical health as well. High blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes are some
health-related problems to stress. An individual under high stress can suffer from insomnia.
People commit suicides because of the stress. Stress has direct effect on behavior. Anger is
another problem that assists in limiting the person’s social life.
One can meditate to overcome the stress. Meditation is considered one of the most
effective ways of overcoming the stress. There are many people who rely on meditation to
relieve stress. “Meditation has helped me to go through my parent’s bad relationship and has
provided the strength in difficult situations.”, confesses Sulav. He admits that meditation has
helped him to stay calm and have patience. One tries to stop thinking about the rest of the world
and focus on something, whether that be breath, word or pictures, anything. Meditation helps in
being focused. This will obviously help in focusing on life goals. People have experienced good
changes like sound sleep, improved bowl movement after they practice the meditation.
Meditation helps in dealing with the problems with patience. One will not be terrorized after
seeing huge amount of works they have to do, but they will deal with the problems with
patience. All it needs is just a few minutes of our time and patience, and see progress.
“A healthy mind stays in a healthy body.” Exercise is another thing to consider to
overcome the stress. It also has health benefits. Exercise helps to lower the cholesterol and burn
fat. Exercising can strengthen the body muscle and help in gaining energy. It will also solve the
problem of lack of appetite. Simple exercises like jogging, swimming, biking, etc. will do the
work. Daily exercise will help in promoting the sleep. Going to gym, taking a dance class, or
joining game teams will increase the touch with friends. Even if someone doesn’t have any
friend, they can join classes or teams and increase the chances of getting new friends. Once an
individual starts exercising, positive changes can be seen in life and it can give the sense of
command over body and life.
Gaming can give a break from the daily boring life and add some flavors in the dull life.
There are...

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