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Overcoming The Challenges In Ocha Situation Report No. 1

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The main challenges identified from OCHA Situation Report No. 13 and my proposed actions to overcome the challenges are as follows:

(a) The security situation remains as a challenge to operate humanitarian actions including conduct vaccination activities, campaign for vaccination, smooth delivery of the programmes and emergency assistance packages.

The security challenges in operating humanitarian actions and its consequences should be communicated to the Government as well as to the Militias groups through media and all other available communication channels. The opportunity of reaching a consensus to operate UN lead humanitarian assistances for the most vulnerable population could be explored through the political advocacy by the respective UN departments/agencies.

(b) Logistic constraints is a challenge due to comparatively long clearance time in Mombasa airport

This challenge could be overcome through dialogue and negotiations with the senior level Government officials and well as making the advance plan with sufficient flexible schedule and a contingency plan.

(c) Funding gap of the CAP is 38% and limited fund available outside the UN agencies. In addition, local partners are still not receiving sufficient funding and are relying on contributions in kind from major UN agencies and international NGOs.

Resource mobilization efforts should be further strengthened with bi-lateral discussions with the potential donors. Also, interventions should be prioritized based on the confirmed funding. Food items and health care interventions should get most priority. Also, developing a long term strategy to mobilized local resources as well as reduce the dependency on external aids could be considered.

(d) Limited number of experiences WASH agencies are operating in the southern...

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