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George Orwell’s 1984 makes very efficient use of the Overcoming the Monster plot style. Orwell is able to convey his concerns about the future through his portrayal of the party and Big Brother. He also makes excellent use of subplots to contribute to the overall idea of the novel.
Overcoming the Monster plots consist of a protagonist fighting off an evil that threatens either themselves or something they hold dear. Whether or not the protagonist succeeds is not essential to the plot type. 1984 is an Overcoming the Monster plot because its protagonist, Winston, struggles against a great evil, in this case the party, to protect ideals he holds dear. In 1984, the party has already taken ...view middle of the document...

While it carries the face of Big Brother, it cannot be killed the way a man can. Its ideas allow it to replicate itself indefinitely and its security is complete. The party is an effective Monster because the reader recognizes it as distasteful but also as indestructible. Readers begin to consider ways of bringing down the Monster. Only late in the book does Orwell reveal that the Monster is totally invincible. For most of the plot Winston symbolizes the reader’s hope that the party can be stopped, but as Winston is assimilated, it becomes clear that such hopes are futile. The party, as Orwell was trying to convey, cannot be stopped once it has come into existence. Only by preventing such an entity from ever forming can society avoid this end. This idea of an “Indestructible Monster” is exactly what Orwell was going for. The reader is shocked to discover this however, because of the way Orwell crafts the exposition and rising action.
The reader begins the novel with the expectation that Winston will be victorious in some way over the party, perhaps by escaping or destroying them. Orwell is careful to preserve this expectation by creating the illusion of secrecy and security. When Winston uses the corner to write or Carrington’s house to read, the reader believes him to be safe. It is not until the end that it is revealed that nothing has been private, nothing secret. All that time there...

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