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I went to the emergency department with my brother who had hurt his hand during a soccer game at this school. I was tensed, blood was oozing vigorously, and he was crying with pain. In such a condition when I stepped into the emergency department, I was shocked to find out that there was a long waiting queue outside the door. Patients were waiting in a queue to be attended by the emergency assistance. At first I thought, I might have mistakes the OPD department for Emergency due to tension. To add to my shock and surprise I was told by the counter attendee that I was in the ER department. The situation immediately informed me that the demand of the emergency service in Australia has crossed the ability of the service provider. Thus, I had no other way but to wait for my turn and then avail medication. Finally it was after almost an hour when my brother received some help and was relieved from the slithering pain.

Thesis statement

The inhuman experience which I along with my brother experienced in the city based hospital, provoked me to voice against the health care system of the country. The growing demand of the emergency service has hardly affected the service providers. With the increase of the population the government should increase the number of hospitals or increase the number of staffs in a hospital so that the patients in distress do not have to wait. An heart patient, or an accident patient have very little time to survive if they do not get the medication immediately. The role of the emergency nurse is to attend to the patient immediately and save life. In the present condition when the situation is so grim, it is really strange to find out the health care providers are changing their approaches towards their duty. Thus in this thesis I would like to discuss these points in detail and also recommend the steps that may be incorporated to change the situation so that people do not suffer like me in future.
Overcrowding of Emergency department – a serious issue

Overcrowding in this department connotes to the inability of the management of the health care industry. When the demand of service receivers exceeds the service providing ability of the hospital, patients face trouble due to excessive crowd and mismanagement. This is a serious issue. Emergency department is that part of the hospital which should be forever ready to help the patient and offer life support in most cases (Olshaker & Rathlev, 2006). Overcrowding has cropped up as the key issue in the recent years. Research confirms that despite increase in the public awareness, political as well as administrative approaches in the state, the situation is far from improving. Such a condition is affecting patients badly. Issues like patient suffering, worsening condition of services, prolonged time for waiting, adverse patient outcome and ill treatment by ER nurses due to lack of time and overcrowding is a serious problem. Despite its importance it has evolved as...

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