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Overfishing – The Sea Drought Essay

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Yes, the biological method is appropriate because these methods/processes because they potentially allow for the strain of depleted wild fish populations, allowing depleted fish stocks and ecosystems to recover, whilst delivering food and valuable nutrients to millions of people. (14).

Although, aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of food production in the world and is often viewed and suggested as the future of the fish industry, in its current state it’s not a solution to overfishing. (22).

To contrary belief aquaculture does not relieve the pressure on wild fish species, and some cases it increases it. Intensive aquaculture is one of these culprits, the high concentration of fish means that parasites and diseases can spread easily, although the fish being farmed are selected for their resistance to such things, but this often only due to great use of antibiotics and vaccines. However next to non-aquaculture environments, causes local fish to suffer immensely. Recent research that was undertaken around a single fish farm (salmon) in British Columbia (Canada) has produced lethal sea lice at rate 33,000 times normal levels, and subsequently generating deadly infections of young wild salmon up to 70 kilometers away. (22).

There are also many other factors that put pressure on wild fish species, these include: in numerous fish farms vast quantities of forage fish, fishmeal and fish oil are used to feed the farmed fish, this results in more fish being used to feed the fish than the quantity produced, meaning the pressure on wild fish stocks remains high. (22).

There is also a chance that fish may escape from the farm; these fish are generally selected for their characteristics, which make them unsuited to reside in the wild, so when the fish do escape they put pressure on the natural environment. In some areas the escaped fish are now more numerous than their wild cousins. They help impoverish the genetic heritage and exacerbate the struggle for survival of native species. (22).

Another issue is the introduction of exotic species, which are a threat to the local ecosystem and cause a series of unexpected problems for those who decided to introduce them. Chosen for their reproductive capacity, fast growth and tolerance of poor-quality water, genetically modified fish and exotic species have significant advantages over wild fish. Farm escapees threaten local species by eating juveniles, directly competing for food and shelter and spreading diseases and parasites. (22).

¬While in certain places some forms of aquaculture can provide an important food source, they must be developed in a responsible way. The rapid growth of intensive aquaculture for species with high commercial value intended for export, such as salmon and shrimp, has already caused dreadful environmental damage and the displacement of many local farmers and fishers whose livelihoods have been destroyed. (22).

Given these issues, aquaculture cannot be seen as an...

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