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"Show me the money," screamed Rod. "C'mon Jerry, show me the money!" We vividly remember this famous line from the hit movie, Jerry Maguire. The greedy football player, Rod Tidwell, screams these unforgettable lines trying to convince his agent that he will not settle for any less than a top dollar salary as the flashy Arizona Cardinal wide receiver. This scene exemplifies what has happened to professional sports in recent years. The focus of professional sports has evolved from one of teamwork and camaraderie to one of avarice and greed. The specific problems in recent years that have stemmed off this overwhelming greed include exorbitant salaries, lockouts (or work stoppages) in professional sports, and the growing disparity among team payrolls. Professional sports teams should have a salary cap for each individual athlete.Salary caps are implemented to keep the payroll for athletes and teams equal . This is a very good point, however, Salary caps are important to keep teams close, but that leaves great players making millions while the good players make too little. The owners are trying to get the most money out of their team but in the mean time nobody is watching their team play and the profit is zero. Money problems have and will continue to scar sports and more importantly the fans. High price players effect fans more than you might think. The Los Angeles Lakers offered Shaquille O'Neal $123 million over seven years. That deal will help push tickets for the so-called "cheap" seats at the LA Stadium from $9 to $20.In spite of the fact that teams with high salaries don't always win, it has been calculated that unless your payroll is at a certain level you are out of the race before it even starts. Baseball has the highest salaries out of all the sports. With the average salary at about 1,000,000 it's hard to think of any player as poor. The salaries just keep growing more rapidly. In 1981 the average income was $185,000. Compared to the "real world" baseball players are totally in a league of their own. Salaries really have lost every sense of reason.The way sports are set up today money is a huge part of how successful the team is. It has often been said that you can buy yourself a World Series Championship and to a certain extent it is true. A couple years ago the Florida Marlins bought many high priced players, putting them at the top of the salary list. They won the World Series that year and then totally dismantled the team. The next year the Marlins were one of the worst teams in the league. Even though Florida did win...

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947 words - 4 pages Argument I believe professional athletes are overpaid. These athletes are making millions of dollars to have fun and play. They are getting paid to do what elementary kids do every day. Professional athletes are should be paid about sixty to ninety thousand a year. The reason I say this much is because they are at a professional level and have worked hard to get to that status. In theory, professional athletes are overpaid because the U.S. is

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2184 words - 9 pages overpaid college coaches who make millions for the little work they do. Next the NCCA, Colleges, and merchandisers profit millions off the athletes every week without any of that revenue given back to the athletes. Next people believe scholarships are ineffective or incomplete. Lastly people believe the corrupt system of the NCAA is a reason college athletes should be paid. The NCCA has proposed plans to enact a pay for play plan including adding

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1536 words - 6 pages Unpaid athletes, overpaid coaches, and revenue from merchandise are a big business in college athletics. Colleges make millions off of ticket sales, memorabilia, and television contracts and don’t allow the athletes to see any of it. Athletes’ risk career-ending injuries every time they step out to play or practice. In addition, players for these colleges have to manage academic and athletic requirements, but don’t see any extra money

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1517 words - 6 pages ”). Coaches are outrageously getting overpaid in college they should start cutting coaching salaries and have a cap limit on how much a college coach should make and take a cut out for the student athletes. By the NCAA paying athletes it won’t fully cut down on cheating in the sport but it will be a huge start on cutting down on some of the media scandals that appear to be happening frequently in the sport. NCAA rules prevent student-athletes from

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934 words - 4 pages There are many concerns around the issue of elite sports players being payed ridiculous amounts of money and to some people, they are overpaid. Questions such as “Should someone who kicks a ball around be paid millions more than someone saving lives on a daily basis?” are being asked and statements such as sportspeople are completely overpaid, They are given millions of dollars when there are children and adults starving in third world

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1363 words - 5 pages Score. Web. 3 Dec. 2 Mar. 2014. “MLB Off-Season 2014.” The Score. Web. 29 Feb. 2014. . “MLB Off-Season 2014.” The Score. Web. 29 Feb. 2014. . “National Debt.” Country Economy. Web. 1 Mar. 2014. . “Professional Athletes are Overpaid for their Jobs.” Teen

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1779 words - 7 pages that athletes and movie stars are also overpaid it is to state that it is hard to state whether someone is actually overpaid. The amount of work one does and the amount of responsibilities that they have is hard to put into dollar amount of how much money they should make. It is know that many people watch sports due to the athletes that are playing or people going to a movie because of a preferred athlete. And it is difficult to state how much

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1271 words - 5 pages Sports LiteratureSalaries & Pro AthletesMost people in America probably have a pretty good argument when they say they are being paid too little to do too much. Professional sports stars, on the other hand, display a lot of nerve when they use such a phrase. Sports stars are also held to lower standards than are other people. With the high-salary and low-moral standards, sports stars are the most overrated and overpaid people on the

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2050 words - 8 pages , would make what an average family would make in 1200 years. What does this say about their salaries? It says that they are overpaid, and the owners just want to bring a championship to their city at whatever the cost may be. This will increase their revenue greatly at the cost of the fans. In conclusion, athletes receive more than they deserve. They don’t work hard as the average working person does. I am not downing athletes, but their

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1113 words - 4 pages , also feels pro athletes are not overpaid. He says, "The owners are just trying to get a team together. The problem is they want to do that immediately. "In a couple years, after Garnett develops into a superstar, people will be saying ?Boy, I?m glad we signed him [Garnett].?" Rosen thinks that it was undoubtedly necessary to have rookie salary caps. "If there weren?t those rookie caps, kids out of college, even high school like KG [Kevin

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1391 words - 6 pages working conditions. The public already perceives them as overpaid, overindulged, and under worked. Now the players have the added stigma of being perceived as insolent lawbreakers. The irreparable harm they have caused themselves and their sport will not soon be forgotten by the average fan. Most professional athletes have an easy life, but the least they can do is keep an even playing field when providing entertainment for the general public

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1218 words - 5 pages they try hard enough. Professional athletes are seen buying $50 million homes, one million dollar cars, and a wide variety of things they necessarily don’t need. The word “over pay” according to Dictionary.com is: to pay an amount in excess; that is exactly what these athletes are overpaid. In the end what it all really comes down to is not everyone in the world is born with the ability to shoot a three-point jump shot, or have an arm that

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1998 words - 8 pages In thirteen years of golf, Tiger Woods has made over a billion dollars making him the highest paid athlete ever. He has been the highest paid athlete now for five years in a row. We all know that many people in the world watch him play every weekend and admire him, but is the amount of entertainment he provides really worth 128 million dollars a year? Tiger is only one of many professional athletes who are extremely overpaid. “People forget that

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1054 words - 4 pages winning a championship (Ebsco 1-2&9).In conclusion, athletes are overpaid, no matter how you look at it. Most really don't even realize it and would say that they are in fact underpaid. But no one should make millions of dollars just to play a game. Any number of people can say that watching a sports game is quality entertainment no matter how much the players make, but sports does nothing other than make a fan of a team happy for a few hours. Until athletes start doing something noticeably significant to help this world, they can't be making more than the average American.