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There are many humans in this world of ours. However, what the population of the world is? The population of the world is “more than 7.2 billion as of January 20, 2014” (“World Population Clock: 7 Billion People (2013) - Worldometers”). According to “World Population Clock: 7 Billion People (2013) - Worldometers,” we have more than 7.5 million births and more than 3.1 million deaths this year in the world this year. I was born in the country of that is overpopulated and lived in a place with high density of people. Overpopulation has influenced many aspects. For example, the consumption of resources is faster and the competition of areas difficult makes it to succeed. Overpopulation in different countries do not have the same reasons. Overpopulation has impacted society immensely. We need to further understanding the negative influence of overpopulation. There showed be new ways to mitigate and resolve overpopulation.
Overpopulation occurs in many countries such as China, India, and United States. So far, China’s population is the first in the world. According to Chinese Government’s Official Web Portal, “China: a country with 5,000-year-long civilization.” In China, after 5000 years of human migration and proliferation leading to a very big population base. After 8 years Sino-Japanese War and 3 years Civil War, had numerous people dead in China. However, Chairman Mao Zedong encouraged people to have more children. Since the idea of strength in numbers to guide people have more children to grow national pride. Coupled with China in that time being still a third world country. And still mainly denominated manpower as the major labor force. Families had more children then have more labor to feed their families. Based on information released by "Overpopulation in China," "In 1949 when The People's Republic of China was formed the population was mostly workers and families were paid to have babies." During that time, according to the number of people in families, the families have more members then to have more food. After the liberation, basically no war, gradual improvement people's lives, and mortality rates dropped significantly. This lead to excessive population growth. According to U.S. Department of Commerce, “In 1953, China population was have 584,191,354 people. In 1983, China population was have 1,028,356,535 people.” During just past 30 years, the population almost doubled. Such rapid expansion of population has brought many different levels of influence and aspects.
Overpopulation is a long-term moreover direct problem. More number of people...

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