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Overpopulation And Poverty In Ireland In A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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A Modest Proposal was written in an attempt to open the people of Ireland’s eyes about the overpopulation, poverty, and young thieves on the street. Jonathan Swift, in his writing, A Modest Proposal, uses a unique way to get people’s attention on the problems at hand. Swift’s purpose is to give the people of Ireland something they cannot possibly ignore. He adopts a disappointed tone in order to make his audience feel like they did something wrong for letting this occur for such in his audience of the people of Dublin, Ireland.
The issue Dublin is suffering from is the problems of overpopulation, beggars, and young thieves roaming the streets. Jonathan Swift is giving a speech to the public of Dublin, which carries a proposal to solve all of the problems. Swift has no other motive than the public good of his country, by advancing their trade, providing for infants, relieving the poor, and giving some pleasure to the rich. The targeted audience of the ...view middle of the document...

The proposal assumes that every poor or wealthy family in Dublin would participate in this unmoral and inhumane idea to help fix the country’s problems.
Swift’s character in this proposal seems almost crazy. These ideas would never be taken into thought seriously by anyone, yet Swift seems to have put hours of thought and research into this. Although the idea is insane and would benefit Swift heavily, Swift is only doing this for the public good of his country. The logical reasoning in A Modest Proposal brings in how much power families can make on the topic, along with the statistics of how many people they can geed and for how long. Several different emotions can arise from the audience of Dublin while hearing about “A Modest Proposal.” In the beginning you could feel some sorrow and pity for the poor people of Ireland. With all the beggars, overpopulation, little thieves running around, there is a lot to be pitiful for. Although, later on, Smith may want the audience to feel horror and fear when he actually describes his plans to sell and eat the children, mostly being brought up by satire.
This proposal does acknowledge views against Smith’s work mostly answering questions such as, “How can one make a profit by doing this?” and, “How many people would one infant feed?” Smith never really encounters the moral values of killing off infants and eating them, in fact, Smith may not think there is anything wrong in the first place.
This piece written by Swift may be satirical and a horrendous idea to the common people, it would fix the problems that Dublin is having. By selling off their newborns, which they can’t afford anyway, they can make quite a bit of profit, helping with the poverty problem. Soon, they won’t have to worry about the little thieves running around because all of the children that have been stealing will have grown up and there won’t be any new children coming into the business. Lastly, with the new generation being butchered and devoured, there would be a rapid decrease in the population as more people die off and less infants living long enough to matter. So the proposal given by Swift did have answers to the problems, although they may have been a little out-of-this-world. Hopefully it helped Dublin make a decision to do something about their country.

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