Overpopulation Harming Our Mother Essay

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As years go by, Earth is slowly being destroyed by Her own children who are bearing weight on Her that she will not be able to withstand in a matter of time. We are doing so by not being good stewards of Her. A good steward of the Earth is someone who takes responsibility for Her. Being a good steward is being Her protector, Her caretaker. It is to put our needs and wants aside and put Her needs first. Being a good steward is important because it concerns the health of our mother, Earth. If we take care of Her, she will take care of us in return. As a child, around the age of eleven, my father always addressed overpopulation and its danger to not only the Earth, but us as well. The fact that ...view middle of the document...

Lack of responsibility is also connected to the main problem of overpopulation, which is the primary source of Earth’s poor health. Responsibility is to be accountable for your actions. It is to perform actions that will better situations rather than worsen them. Responsibility also means being obligated to have the proper behavior towards the Earth. Due to the lack of responsibility, we become careless when it comes to population and do not take the proper precautions of stabilizing it. We begin to reproduce rapidly, leading to an exponential growth in population that was too much for Earth to properly care for, otherwise known as overpopulation. Overpopulation has contributed to the destruction of Earth and Her environment. As more and more reproduction occurs, more of the Earth’s resources are used in order to maintain the care of humanity. We are struggling to provide enough food for the seven billion people that we have on Earth right now. “It is projected that world population will reach ten billion by about 2040” (Evans). In order to maintain this population, we have to produce more crops and matching the production of crops with the...

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