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About 1.5 million people are trapped in a 15 square mile area. It seems impossible. However, citizens of Manila, Philippines somehow make it work by residing anywhere possible, no matter how dangerous, unsanitary and crowded. This overcrowded situation affects not only the people, but also the area they populate. Their residence caused all kinds of incidents, whether they are environmental, such as huge floods and wildfires, or inhumane criminal acts such as theft or murder. Implying that if the citizens of the Philippines do not control the growth of their population, then nature itself will do it for them through these slow massacres. Migration and high fertility rates are the main issues ...view middle of the document...

Another harmful effect are the consequences of the notable amount of garbage the Philippines accumulate. More people equals more trash. This is why there is a large number of disposal facilities in the Philippines. These locations further contributes to the severe global warming Earth is experiencing. (Imagine Echo Projects) Overpopulation is not only abusing the air, but the ocean as well. Since the Philippines is surrounded by water, it is not impossible for most of the waste to end up in the ocean. However, that is not the only thing that hurts marine animals. Filipinos are also very fond of overfishing because there is simply too much people to feed. 90% of aquatic creatures are gone because of this method of excessive fishing. (whatsnextph) This alone should alarm the Philippines of how harmful their lifestyle is and how overpopulation is deadly. Maybe not to the people but for the environment, it clearly is.

Factors in Overpopulation : Migration, Unemployment and High Fertility Rates
Humans have needs that, for the most, can only be achieved with money. Filipinos are not an exception. They, too, look for opportunities for a better life. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, a higher quality of life is believed to be possible in urban areas alone. This belief leads many to migrate to the cities. As the migration rates increase, the population of the cities increases with it. However, the journey does not end there. Numerous Filipinos arrive in these unfamiliar surroundings with no clue on how to get a job or where to get it. This creates a high unemployment rates. Currently, there are about 2.8 million Filipinos unemployed. Unemployment can only lead to poverty. Without money, they are deprived of basic human needs. Many of these people become illegal squatters. Squatter areas are small, compacted, and unsafe neighborhoods. They are often located in dangerous places. These neighborhoods are one of the major reasons of the environmental issues the Philippines suffers from. In addition, poverty causes high fertility rates. As of now, there is an average of 3.6 children per women. This is because most families cannot afford contraceptives and...

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