International Marketing Carlsberg Plan To Use The World Cup To Test Market Of New Product "Golden Goal Beer" At 6 Countries

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I. IntroductionCarlsberg's primary focus is the production, sale and marketing of beer, with secondary activities in soft drink and water production. Carlsberg's three key markets are Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.Carlsberg wants to become market leader in all markets and market segments where it operates by establishing majority shareholdings or partnerships.Carlsberg's strong portfolio of global, regional and national beer brands appeals to a broad diversity of tastes, personalities and lifestyles and ensures growth in all segments of the beer market. The portfolio is constantly strengthened through a clear branding strategy; with the Carlsberg brand as the leading international premium beer, supported by regional brands such as Tuborg and national brands like Tetley's, Baltika and Ringnes.MissionCarlsberg is a dynamic, international provider of beer and beverage brands, bringing people together and adding to the enjoyment of life.VisionCarlsberg's overall vision is to build: Probably the best beer company in the world.Our brands will be the consumers' first choice, and we will lead the industry in profitability and growth through a culture of quality, innovation and continuous improvement.ValuesInnovative in finding the waysWe create excitement among consumers, customers and employees.Ambitious when setting targetsWe are daring when pushing for resultsResponsible in our actionsWe value strong relationships with consumers, customers, employees and partners.Honest in our approachWe are proud of our company and trustworthy in what we do.Carlsberg Breweries A/S is rank 5 of Top 10 Global Brewers. www.carlsberg.comVolume: 78.6million hlSales: US$5,015 millionMajor Brands: Carlsberg, Tuborg, Pripps, FalconOfficially established in early 2001 as a joint venture between Carlsberg A/S and Orkla ASA, it is no wonder that Carlsberg saw its dollar sales increase by 22 percent in 2002. The brewer spent the year closing a series of acquisition and equity deals across Europe and Asia. In January alone, Carlsberg acquired the remaining 25-percent in Carlsberg Italia, increased its holding in Korea's Hite to 25 percent and acquired 25 percent of Lao Brewery. (Source: comparison of adult per capita alcohol consumption(Liters per year)Country Total consumptionWine consumption Wine as a share of total alcohol consumption (%)Portugal 16.6 7.2 43France 13.3 8.3 62Germany 12.5 3.3 26South Africa 11.5 5.0 43Spain 11.2 4.6 41Australia 10.3 3.4 33UK 9.7 2.3 23Argentina 9.6 6.9 71Italy 9.2 7.1 77USA 9.1 1.7 18Romania 8.0 3.4 42Korea 6.8 > 0.1 *Japan 6.3 0.4 6China 5.2 0.1 2*: less than 0.5%Source: Alcohol Database, WHO.Note: Consumption volume is converted to 100% alcohol equivalent.II. AN OVERVIEW OF JAPAN'S ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE MARKET2.1 The Cultural environmentJapan has continued its transformation into a high-technology, urban, industrial society. The migration from countryside to city largely has been completed; fewer...

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