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In this paper I will be looking at an article called The Over Training Syndrome, which was written in 1994. I will be comparing the information in the article with the content from the week 6 Qualifying Sports Training lecture. This will be done by directly quoting the article, then the lecture and having a short discussion on the quoted point. The four areas of comparison will be; the definition of overtraining, the cause of overtraining, the effects of over training, and the recovery time from overtraining. The goal of this paper is to discuss the advancement in knowledge over the last twenty years in these four points on overtraining.

Definition of Overtraining

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Comparative Thoughts:
The article was confusing when it states that there was no cause for overtraining. Does the name itself not state the cause? Perhaps what was meant was that there is no proof and only theories on why this syndrome occurs in athletes. This idea would be supported by how the article discusses the signs, which is addressed under the next header.
The week 6 lecture teaches that overtraining occurs when catabolism, a breakdown, happens in the body more quickly than anabolism, build-up. The lecture did not directly address how overtraining occurs, but from what I have learned in Physiology and Exercise Physiology is as follows. When one does a hard workout the muscles in the body experience micro-tears. Hypertrophy happens when the muscle heals stronger than it was before in order to handle the workload with out repeated micro-tears. When the muscles are worked harder, the micro-tears will occur again. If the muscle is not given sufficient time to heal, the tears will continue to build and not only will no progress be made, but the muscle will become weaker.

What are the Signs?

Article: “These are inconsistent and generally unhelpful in making the diagnosis. They include increased postural drop in blood pressure and postural rise in heart rate, slow return of the pulse to normal and exercise, decreasing lactic acid levels...

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